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Aerospace and Defense (A&D) companies have always been at the leading edge of technology innovation. Consequently, ideas such as “smart“ aircraft and factories are nothing new to the industry. The objectives of these innovations focus on the effective management of finite resources and the ability to provide more for less. Meeting these objectives at a faster pace while facing less risk is dependent upon an enterprise-wide business process platform that acts as a semantic layer providing insights into all data sources– the digital core.

cognitus expertise in sap s/4hana solutions for a&d

We have built the Cognitus Industry Solution for Aerospace & Defense (CIS-A&D), an SAP certified solution that leverages SAP S/4HANA as its digital core and integrates requirements of DoD (Department of Defense) contractors for Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), General Services Administration (GSA) compliance. It covers contract management, contract flow down, actual labor costing, Earned Value Management (EVM), Project bid planning and scheduling, Reporting compliance and data migration toolset. This package with pre-built templates includes the essentials for A&D organizations to automatically stay compliant and be up and running faster than ever.

SAP Road Map for Aerospace and Defense

Agile Manufacturing
New Business Models
Customer Centricity
Aftermarket Services
A & D Intelligent Enterprises
Designing and Building Complex Products
Network and Spend Management
  • Agile Manufacturing:

    A&D companies are faced with strategic challenges including record production backlogs, global competition, an ongoing demand for lower unit cost, and next-generation workforce shortages.

  • New Business Models:

    Harnessing massive amounts of IoT data across the product lifecycle, managing Big Data economically, hosting digital services, and analyzing customer experience data. Each of these activities allows OEMs to diversify their portfolio.

  • Customer Centricity:

    Aerospace manufacturers will start by collaborating with customers in the design, development, and maintenance of their products. By extending the customer experience, A&D companies can bundle services and assets to fulfill performance-based contracts, reduce costs by using predictive analytics, and make strategic business decisions with real-time insight.

  • Analytics:

    Revolutionize decision making by giving everyone the analytic capabilities they need to discover, plan, and predict better business outcomes. Help ensure trusted data discovery by combining on-premise and cloud data – without moving or replicating data. Use a fast, scalable analytics platform that leverages your existing SAP investments.

  • Aftermarket Services:

    Streamline maintenance operations and enhance customer interaction and fulfillment with comprehensive service delivery solutions.

  • A & D Intelligent Enterprises:

    By applying intelligent technologies such as the IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced analytics, leading A&D companies transform into event-driven businesses. Event-driven businesses automate repetitive tasks, enable employees to focus on higher-value tasks, and allow companies to invent new business models and revenue streams by monetizing data.

  • Designing and Building Complex Products:

    Leverage industry best practices and the latest technology innovations from SAP to build complex aerospace and defense systems that drive top-line growth and improve profitability.

  • Network and Spend Management:

    For our customers, it’s about bringing partner networks and ecosystems together to capture every source of spend, across each category, for one unified view; freeing businesses to focus on more important challenges.

BOOM Supersonic and their adoption of SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud with Cognitus

Discover how Boom Supersonic streamlined their operations with Cognitus and implemented RISE with SAP in just three months to support their agile business model in the aerospace and defense industry.