Unleash The Power of Data, Analytics, and Compliance for Aerospace and Defense


Improve reporting and analytics while meeting Department of Defense compliance with a proven, SAP industry cloud solution in a secure, FedRAMP-compliant environment.


Achieving and maintaining compliance with FAR, DFARS, and Cost Accounting Standards requires an incredible amount of resources from Aerospace and Defense companies as well as government contractors. As A&D organizations position themselves for global sales, they need global support for compliance, regulations, and local specifications.


Built on 20+ years of experience, The Cognitus Industry Solution for Aerospace and Defense (CIS-A&D) is co-innovated with SAP to help drive growth with:

  • Comprehensive compliance

  • Supply chain visibility

  • Project management excellence

  • Cost control and financial visibility

  • Improved customer service


CIS-A&D expands and enhances the native SAP S/4HANA environment with 14+ custom solutions built specifically for Aerospace & Defense. Built into the SAP Core, CIS-A&D is completely configurable to support your compliance and security needs giving visibility into real-time data, and thus addressing the unique requirements of midmarket and large enterprise A&D customers.

The solution was built with international contracts to meet multiple regulations and compliance with ease. Plus, with a global footprint, A&D experts throughout the U.S. and Europe, and partnerships with SAP and every major SI, Cognitus is uniquely positioned to support the A&D industry.

While major aerospace and defense companies struggle to go global, Cognitus has been from day one!

functionality pillars

  • Gov. Contracts & Biling

  • Workforce Automation (Time Capture & ALC)

  • Contract Flow Down

  • Incurred Cost Reporting

  • Government & Customer Property

  • Logistics Execution & GTS

  • SAP PMMO with Advanced Reporting

  • Ariba Shield

  • Procurement Accelerator & CPSR Compliance

  • Revenue Recognition IFRS 15 / ASC 606 Compliance

  • Lease Accounting IFRS 16 / ASC 842 Compliance

Extend & Innovate

Contract AI – Artificial Intelligence powered Federal Contract Automation

Contract AI uses AI (Large Language Model) to extract key data within few seconds, offering a side-by-side PDF comparison and integration with SAP and AI driven data validation.

  • Seamlessly augments extracted data with SAP fields.

  • Automatically translates Govt. Contracts into SAP sales operational contracts, pricing conditions, FAR clauses and flow down fields in SAP.

  • Reduces contract entry time in SAP from 3 days to just 3 minutes with 95% accuracy.

  • Answers questions about your contract with a language based interface (similar to Chat GPT).

Streamline Your SAP S/4HANA Migration with Alchemy

Alchemy connects multiple data sources, simplifies transformations, and makes data migration from your legacy system to SAP S/4HANA a breeze.

  • Industry-specific rule templates

  • Comprehensive reports (pre-load and post-load)

  • Extensive logging and auditing capabilities

  • Intuitive UI/UX

Fusion Pro – Connect SAP to Microsoft Projects

Fusion Pro by Cognitus simplifies the creation of PS projects, WBSs, schedules, and baselines, while effortlessly retrieving actual work and costs. Sync master data, including resources, cost elements, activity types, and profit centers while seamlessly pushing EV-related data such as scheduled variance, actual variance, and BCWP to an external EVMS system directly from MS Project.

With just a click, streamline project management and unleash true efficiency!

BOOM Supersonic and their adoption of SAP S/4HANA Private Cloud with Cognitus

Discover how Boom Supersonic streamlined their operations with Cognitus and implemented RISE with SAP in just three months to support their agile business model in the aerospace and defense industry.