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SAP A&D Industry Cloud Solution by Cognitus (CIS-A&D)

Improve reporting and recording while meeting Department of Defense compliance requirements with a proven, SAP industry cloud solution in a secure, FedRAMP-compliant environment.


Achieving and maintaining compliancet with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and Cost Accounting Standards requires an incredible amount of resources from Aerospace Defense companies and government contractors.


SAP A&D Industry Cloud Solution by Cognitus (CIS-A&D) enhances the recording, reporting, compliance and audit capabilities of SAP S/4HANA so that Aerospace Defense companies and government contractors of any size remain compliant in all processes from bidding to billing and close out of federal contracts.


A&D industry cloud solution ensures DoD compliance and provides DCAA and DCMA audit support

  • Leverages SAP S/4HANA digital core with prebuilt, integrated end-to-end processes

  • Reduces work efforts to transform business with SAP S/4HANA

  • Supports bid planning with ability to do margin analysis in offline mode

  • Accommodates billing of all government contract types

  • Contract flow down for procurement, production planning and customer delivery, and billing processes

Aerospace Defense companies and government contractors of all sizes struggle to remain compliant with Federal and DoD requirements. Cognitus and SAP have teamed up to create the leading SAP-certified solution that meets A&D’s unique contract lifecycle needs. SAP A&D Industry Cloud Solution by Cognitus (CIS-A&D) enhances companies’ recording, reporting, compliance and audit capabilities and addresses the specific challenge to meeting Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) and Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) compliance.

Every business process and transaction from bidding to billing to close out is connected end-to-end, integrating all the unique and demanding federal contract requirements. SAP A&D Industry Cloud Solution by Cognitus (CIS-A&D) addresses the varying contact types and automates how contractors meet the compliance requirements for contracts and billing, contact flow down, regulated procurement processes with specialized billing, labor cost collection and reporting, government property management, logistics execution and earned value management.

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Co-Innovated with SAP

Traditionally, meeting contract lifecycle requirements demands expensive and time-consuming custom engineering and development. SAP A&D Industry Cloud Solution by Cognitus (CIS-A&D) includes pre-built templates that accelerate development time and enable A&D organizations to automate their compliance requirements and reduce time to market.

The end-to-end solution holistically manages all project lifecycle management challenges, while integrating easily with SAP’s industry-leading portfolio. SAP A&D Industry Cloud Solution by Cognitus (CIS-A&D) brings together the power of SAP S/4HANA, the speed of SAP Analytics cloud, the intelligence of SAP BTP, the ease of SAP Fiori and the connectivity of the SAP Cloud Platform.

As the first SAP Qualified Intelligent Enterprise Partner Packaged Solution worldwide and the first Co-Innovated with SAP offering for A&D, SAP A&D Industry Cloud Solution by Cognitus (CIS-A&D) provides contractors, suppliers and manufacturers with the power and insight to seamlessly support their aerospace and defense customers and remain DoD compliant.

Rapid Ramp Up to Total DCAA and DoD Compliance

  • Bid-planning with ability to do margin analysis in offline mode

  • Pre-delivered Contract types for Cost plus fixed fee, Time and Material, Fixed price with milestones and delivery, Progress Payment with down payments as per DCAA requirements

  • Contract funding limitations and billing thresholds

  • Contract modification planning, execution and tracking

  • Custom FIORI launchpad and tiles for Contract administration, WIP management and Billing analyst roles

  • Inbuilt Contract accounting standard (CAS) clauses, Prime contract number, voucher numbering, DPAS rating and related requirements

  • Contract flow down for procurement, production planning and customer delivery and billing processes

  • Inception to date billing

  • Liquidation automation for down payments

  • Lease Accounting with pre-delivered IFRS16/ASC842 compliance reporting Contracts close out functionality

  • Shipping forms and including DD250, DD1149, DD1348 and FAR regulated shipping labels

  • Pre-delivered invoice output forms for SF-1034/1035, 1443 and commercial invoices

  • Incurred cost back up reporting and pre-delivered reports to assist DCAA audits

  • Actual labor costing

  • Earned value management

  • CLIN/ACRN accounting

  • Application of provisional rates with ability to do apply retro-rate adjustments

  • Configurable design for unallowable and unbillable costs

  • Flexible cost posting design for document and posting date

  • Revenue recognition with pre-delivered IFRS15/ASC606 compliance reporting

  • Government Property Management

About Cognitus

Cognitus is an SAP 360 Gold partner and Pinnacle Award 2020 finalist. With 1,000-plus employees, Cognitus has deep A&D industry expertise, three US-based ITAR-compliant delivery centers and an SAP A&D industry cloud solution that address challenges faced by businesses working with the Department of Defense and all Federal agencies in being DCAA, DCMA, FAR, DFARS, and CAS compliant, as well as currently working on the solution for defense department compliance in Europe. The solution, certified by SAP, is a Spotlight app available on the SAP Store and offers enterprise-grade security and conforms to the most rigorous compliance requirements.