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Cognitus Consulting opens the door in EMEA!

Cognitus Consulting in EMEA

We Opened the EMEA branch in The Netherlands as a headquarter in order to SUPPORT YOUR smooth TRANSITION TO SAP S/HANA as part of your enterprise transformation.

Cognitus, SAP gold partner since 2002, Opened her EMEA branch in The Netherlands as a head quarter in order to SUPPORT YOUR smooth TRANSITION TO SAP S/HANA as part of your enterprise transformation.

Cognitus specializes in S/4HANA roadmaps, implementations, conversions and support services worldwide since 2002. Besides on our EMEA branch we also have offices in North American, LATAM and Asia. Cognitus EMEA serves our European customer base from our hub in Amsterdam. We offer the knowledge, resources, tools and best practices that Cognitus has built in two decades. Cognitus team onside and best shore support you to make the right decision in S/4HANA transition regarding business and technical visibility.

Our implementation and support services span across a wide range of industries, e.g. Discrete Manufacturing, Engineering & Constructions, Aerospace & Defense, Finance, Professional Services, Chemicals, Oil & Gas/Energy, Life Sciences, Pharma and Utilities. S/4HANA is the main topic in Enterprise transformation and raises many questions to C level stakeholders, from the optimal time to migrate and what the drivers and costs involved are, to how long it will take to see the ROI and how it will help businesses to stay competitive. Cognitus has the skill and experience to help you answer those questions in a fast and effective way. Our focus is two pronged: Clients already using SAP looking to implement S/4HANA and clients new to SAP who wish to get on board. In both instances we have the depth of experience and insight to make the journey as seamless as possible. Our offering is the first of SAP’s qualified packages for end-to-end conversions to S/4HANA.

We help customers to make this difficult decision quickly and easily, minimizing effort and downtime by using Gallop. With the ‘Gallop Pilot’ your organization can try-before- buy. Using SAP’s S/4HANA trial license, we convert a non-production box in a four-week period, giving your team 60 days to experience S/4HANA. The cost is minimal, your team gets first-hand experience in seeing the tangible benefits, as well as an opportunity to learn what the move would entail. The process allows you to thoroughly explore the answers to your questions, giving you an opportunity to build a business case with your stakeholders to determine the why, when, the how, and the who!

Your company’s move to SAP S/4 #HANA does not have to be a time consuming and expensive process. The fact is that organizations of many varied sizes can benefit from our offer since we can discuss tailor made plans and rates. Because our teams are spread over lower cost geographies, we combine our resources and talents to give your business the best price and implementation possible. Your business can benefit from our experience and support to make the decision to move to S/4HANA as many companies did before with Cognitus.

We’d love to support you in this journey, Please Contact us.