Sales Promotion Management
via SAP® Data Maintenance
Pricing by Vistex®

Automate complicated sales promotions with SAP® solutions.

Deal Management (Order Promotions Management):

Pain Points:

  • Lack of established footprint in the market

  • Struggle to position brands properly in the market

  • Poorly defined omnichannel strategy

  • Absence of product transparency (keep your stock on track)

Business Benefits:

  • Improves pricing and promotions

  • Integrates into SAP standard sales orders

  • Integrates into hybris, POS system, SAP CRM, SAP WCEM and many more interfaces

  • Handles complex promotions like mix-match prices, group discounts, free goods selection, re-buy etc.

  • Enables flexible groups for grouping your materials and customers

  • Supports web-based order entry

  • Drives customer behavior and traffic to online business

Example Scenarios:

  • Buy a product get a

  • price or discount

  • Bundle offer

  • Free goods

  • Add-on

  • Rebuys

  • Special prices

  • Vouchers

  • Special terms DMP

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