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  • Cognitus in EMEA  

    Supporting Your Smooth Transition to SAP S/4HANA for Enterprise Transformation  

    Cognitus EMEA opened our headquarters in the Netherlands in January 2020, with the goal of delivering full-service SAP consulting and support to global and EMEA companies. As an SAP gold partner since 2002, Cognitus has over 2 decades of experience, custom factory-migration, and the backing of our global delivery and support centers.  

    Our move to EMEA facilitates our ability to invest in SAP expertise local to our clients, with EMEA-based partners, consultants, and executives who have the SAP expertise to drive innovation, growth, and smooth technical transitions. Our EMEA offices enable us to deliver global support with our local presence and touch.  

    Our Offices  

    In addition to our EMEA branch, we also have offices in North American, LATAM, and Asia. Cognitus EMEA serves our European clients from our hub in Amsterdam. However, our EMEA offices include:  

    • Netherlands (Amsterdam) 
    • UK (London)  
    • Deutschland (Frankfurt) 
    • Spain (Barcelona)  
    • Czechia (Prague)  
    • Morocco (Tangier)  
    • South Africa (Sandown)  
    • Nordics APS (Copenhagen)  

    Why Cognitus  

    We offer the knowledge, resources, tools and best practices that Cognitus has built in two decades. Our mix of onsite expertise with offshore support help even the largest organizations to realize projects on-time and on-budget. And, with a team of SAP experts, change management experts, and business transformation experts, we can help your organization to make the right decisions and S/4HANA transformation for business and technical results.  

    Our implementation and support services span a wide range of industries, e.g., Discrete Manufacturing, Engineering & Constructions, Aerospace & Defense, Finance, Professional Services, Chemicals, Oil & Gas/Energy, Life Sciences, Pharma and Utilities.  


    An Accelerated SAP S/4HANA Transformation Solution  

    As more and more businesses are pushed into making the transition to S/4HANA, it becomes crucial that they have the support and expertise to make informed decisions to drive the best business outcomes. Cognitus can help, with input on everything from choosing the optimal time to migrate, understanding drivers and costs, understanding how long it will take the business to see ROI, and how the transformation will benefit the business. 

    We achieve this with a mix of SAP S/4HANA experts and our S/4HANA transformation package solution: Gallop Discovery, the first SAP qualified packages for end-to-end conversion to S/4HANA.  

    • Trial and hands-on test-drive of S/4HANA using your ECC data  
    • Full assessment and extraction of data showing the impact of S/4HANA on your systems and processes  
    • Support with Best Practices and Fiori apps  

    Gallop Discovery ensures adoption risks become visible before you start the transformation, while allowing Cognitus to collect the real-usage data to deliver insight and guidance into your transformation. 

    Gallop Deployment uses data from the Gallop Discovery phase alongside our factory migration approach, our tool suite, SAP’s Activate Methodology, and our SAP experts – some of whom have been with S/4HANA since the first S/4HANA transformation in Europe. Deliverables include:  

    • Transformation roadmap  
    • Business Case 
    • Cost Plan  
    • Business partner rationalization  
    • Security optimization  
    • Assisted code remediation  
    • FIORI Match Maker  
    • Automated Data Validation  

    The goal is to ensure your S/4HANA transformation goes smoothly, with many of our clients seeing up to 50% faster transformation timelines using our combination of automation and human expertise.  

    Download the Brochure 

    Get in Touch  

    Transforming to SAP S/4HANA is a large step in your business direction and strategy. It’s crucial to have answers to questions relating to costs, impact, and timelines. Often, you can’t answer those questions without first conducting an in-depth assessment.  

    Cognitus combines that assessment with human expertise and change management to help your organization gain insight into the transition, impacts, and costs.  

    Our combination of local expertise and presence in EMEA, geographically distributed teams, and low-cost offshore support mean we can work to deliver the best cost and implementation process possible.  

    We’d love to support your business transformation, please Contact us. 

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