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Cognitus: meet the founders in Europe

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  • How do three cultures come together to deliver world-class SAP migration methods and support, as SAP’s smallest but fastest growing global Gold Partner? 

    At Cognitus, we love SAP. And that love inspired our founders to join Cognitus, bringing standardized, replicable, and factory-backed SAP migration and support to Europe. With 6 support years left to migrate SAP ECC to S/4Hana, organizations need more help than ever. And joining Cognitus allows us to deliver that and more. 

    Today’s organizations are on a roadmap to adopting AI – solutions like S/4Hana deliver those capabilities. Yet, adopting SAP S/4Hana is its own challenge. 

    A Need for Change 

    Cognitus EMEA is the dream of Eby Rahmanzadeh, Eddy van der Laan, and Jos Romijn. The trio have decades of experience with SAP, business transformation, and business development. So, as it became obvious that many organizations need help with the migration to S/4Hana, they wanted a solution. 

    Cognitus USA, a firm in the United States with a factory in India, was offering that solution. With fixed-rate and fixed-time digital transformations and software packages for industries with needs outside of the scope of just SAP – Cognitus was unique. Eby, Eddy, and Jos wanted to take that approach to deliver standardized, predictable, and cost-effective SAP packages across Europe. Cognitus EMEA was born. 

    “Cognitus delivered everything we needed – a standardized approach, a large team, and the ability to scale local presence out across Europe to deliver the kind of hands-on support companies need for digital transformation” – Eddy van der Laan 

    Meet the Founders 

    Eddy van der Laan – With several decades of experience with SAP, including having managed multiple migrations in the past, Eddy was the perfect managing partner for Cognitus EMEA. Plus, with his own company, including expertise in internal processes and application management, Eddy has the perspective to manage and ensure migrations go well from that business perspective as well as the IT one. 

    Eby Rahmanzadeh – With expertise in portfolio management, business analysis, business development, and implementation management, Eby brings vision and structure to Cognitus EMEA. He’s taking the reins, as CEO and managing partner. Eby ensures we have the insight into how SAP integrates into organizational vision and into achieving goals. 

    Jos Romijn – With over 25 years of SAP experience, Jos Romijn is uniquely experienced in SAP S/4Hana migrations, transitions, and implementation in large corporations. Jos now leads our SAP S/4Hana Implementation program, as our EMEA Managing Partner and Implementation Partner. 

    “We chose to join forces with Cognitus because of the special relationship we have with SAP by being the fastest growing global SAP Gold Partner. SAP chose Cognitus to request a standardised digital transformation package, which we created with Gallop Pilot. And that’s unique in my 25-year career in SAP.” – Jos Romijn 

    One Solution – Cognitus Gallop 

    Cognitus USA launched in 2002 and EMEA launched in 2019, reaching the market in 2020 – at the height of the pandemic. The company began its first digital transformations, tackling unforeseen challenges and risks with the pandemic – alongside the move to a new market. But, with Gallop in development since 2002, we’re delivering a well-developed and well-tested solution.

    “Our standardized approach means we can offer significant value in scoping, analyzing, and supporting a client’s move to S/4Hana – not just as a partner, but with long-term support, tools, and packages” – Eby 

    Our base approach, which combines standardized SAP packages with pilot value assessments and hands-on guidance from our migration and deployment partners – is a unique one. Cognitus maintains a global presence, with offices in North America, Asia, Latin America, India, Africa, and Europe. That allows us to offer near 24/7 support. This aligns with our vision of offering standardized, packaged, SAP transformations – no matter business size or location. 

    Cognitus is also a SAP Gold partner with SAP packages for industries including Aerospace and Defense, Mining, Life Sciences/Pharma, Professional Services, and others. That partnership means Cognitus is the first touchpoint between SAP and a package solution for these industries. With custom storylines/tools for each vertical, Cognitus can provide a full SAP solution. 

    That helps us to achieve our end-goal to accelerate the S/4Hana adoption process, with scoping, analytics, and customer support – not just as a partner, but with long-term ongoing software, packages, and expertise. 

    An International Presence, a Hands-on Approach 

    “Our hands-on approach means every contract is important to us. We work with SMEs, on a local level, from local branches – allowing us to deliver the best in local, technical expertise to each project. For many organizations, that makes a huge difference over working with an enterprise-level digital transformation management company – and we’re committed to maintaining that hands-on approach, even as we scale”.  – Eby 

    Cognitus is expanding to Western Europe and the Nordic countries – our priorities are based on the demand for S/4Hana implementation. And, that’s important, because our vision is to offer local, hands-on support for every country – with the backing of our international team. Our aim is to be ready when our clients are, with local support in every country.

    It’s becoming more and more essential for organizations to move to the cloud. Organizations want and need to use AI and automation. And SAP’s S/4Hana is an industry-leading solution we are proud to represent. Most importantly, Cognitus is here to help with that transformation, with fixed-rate, fixed-time digital transformations – delivered as part of a scalable and replicable process, with factory support and a full team of technicians and SAP experts to offer support on a global scale. 

    “SAP should be accessible, replicable, and standardized – complete with the documentation and standardization to consistently produce quality results. With Cognitus, we believe we can make a huge difference to organizations as they move to the next generation of SAP. “– Eddy van der Laan 


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