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Professional & Project Services Solutions for S/4HANA

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  • Thousands of organizations running SAP generate revenue via client projects and therefore need powerful and simple tools for the project lifecycle. These include project proposing, planning, contracting, staffing, resourcing, procurement, management, controlling, and invoicing, etc., all in an integrated ERP.  

    SAP provides powerful capabilities for project-based industries. The Cognitus ProServ Package elevates SAP’s standard capabilities with embedded additional features, integrations, and usability to transform SAP into a best-of-breed engagement management suite.  

    The ProServ Industry Solution is led by Adam James, ProServ lead, and Chris Skinner, EVP of Cloud Solutions. Together, they’re working on multiple innovations to SAP’s Professional Services solution.  

    “Our ProServ industry solution allows project-based organizations tools to initiate, plan, and execute projects within a handful of powerful and intuitive apps.” says Adam James, “extending that capability allows us to deliver more value by introducing a full ProServ solution for organizations that migrate to S/4.” 

    Our ProServ Solutions  

    The Cognitus Industry Solution for ProServ is a suite of custom apps and integrated extensions that complement and empower the S/4 core with solutions specifically for small-to-mid-size project-based organizations: 

    Engagement Management Dashboard – The engagement dashboard allows you to create, plan, deliver, build, and manage engagement across projects. This includes resources (people, tools, equipment, etc.), with budget, linking to proposals and integrating into billing and process orders. That cross-extension integration offers added value, because you can easily transition resourcing into billing based on existing bill rates and costs, clients can request new scopes, and you can resource and see the change in costs in the app. Plus, it integrates into existing orders and project management.  

    Project Management Dashboard – With integrated tracking across other extensions, the project management dashboard enables users to see invoicing, hours worked, work in progress, unbilled value, at a glance. That offers quick overviews of projects and timelines, as well as easy insight into team management, work traceability, etc.  

    Simplified Timesheet – Our simplified and mobile-ready timesheet is an affordable and quick-to-integrate solution, ideal for small-to-mid-size companies looking for quick solutions that work in the field.  

    Billing Cockpit – We’ve also developed a user-friendly billing cockpit, offering simplified billing with timesheet compliance, metrics, upcoming project milestones, etc. These all link across extensions, so you can view milestones and open that extension, see the contract and the current billing cycle, what is due, billing options, etc. Plus, with integrated resource management, managers can see what’s needed to complete the billing cycle – e.g., if someone is missing a timesheet, which you can then request and see updated in real time.  


    “We’re proud of our ProServ SAP solution so far, but we’ve also got plenty of new features in the roadmap for the ProServ solution”, says Adam, “for example, we’re currently building a resource management extension, which will enable billing process management, tracking resources by availability, and logging internal and external skills as resources, so you can track when people are available and for what project. That’s an innovative cloud solution for SAP, and it will make a big difference to organizations managing contractors and experts across multiple projects.”  

    The teams are also working hard to fully enable ProServ across both Multitenant public cloud and the private cloud.  

    “We work closely with SAP’s team and we’re working on building relationships with SAP to that effect”, says Chris Skinner, “It’s crucial that we keep our development timelines closely mapped to SAPs own roadmap, so we align updates and ensure everything continues to work smoothly. And, of course, we used BTP and API connections for the build, which, in combination with careful regression testing at each new update, allows us the maximum amount of stability across each update”.  

    Expertise in Project Services  

    Adam James brings his experience with ProServ from his company, WynBlue which was acquired by Cognitus in 2021. WynBlue’s boutique Project Services’ support offering is the perfect complement to S/4HANA for project-based organizations.  

    Now, Adam is working on adapting, expanding, and perfecting that technology, with the help of Cognitus’ larger development team and resources.  

    “Our ProServ package is new, but we already have several customers using it in Aerospace and Defense and Project Services”, says Adam James, “It’s really ideal for any company that gains revenue from projects, not just professional services, because the extensions are about project and resource management, and that can make a real difference in managing people, budgets, timelines, and even real-world deliverables”.  

    If you’d like to learn more about ProServ or see a demo, schedule a call with Adam James here to start a discussion.  

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