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Team Spotlight: Jos Romijn  

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  • How does one of Europe’s most experienced S/4HANA experts end up leading Cognitus EMEA? And, how did he go from leading his own consultancy to taking the helm with an SAP’s Gold partner?  

    Jos Romijn is a strategic advisor, S/4HANA expert, and co-founder of Cognitus EMEA. With 10+ multinational S/4HANA transformations in his portfolio, he’s also one of Europe’s most experienced S/4HANA strategic advisors. Plus, with years of experience managing his own S/4 consultancy and 7+ years of specialization in S/4 and 25+ years in SAP, he’s ready to lead Cognitus as we roll out our factory approach to S/4HANA transformation across EMEA.  

    When Jos started discussions with Cognitus USA in 2019, it was with the intention of joining a firm that would enable him to meet Europe’s growing need for S/4HANA transformations. With Cognitus, he has the team and technology to make that happen.  

    Who is Jos?  

    Jos Romijn currently lives in the Netherlands with his wife. With a passion for adventure sports, he’s constantly out and about, parachuting, rock climbing, canyoning, and hiking. Jos sometimes takes that passion for sport into work – organizing events for teambuilding and growth.  

    He also loves travel, with a passion for exploring cultures and places. To that end, Jos has mixed business with pleasure, traveling for work to help multi-nationals with SAP transformation projects – while indulging his love of culture. Jos has spent years in countries like Germany, Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Much of that was done with his family, including two children, who moved along with him when he traveled for work.  

    Education and Background  

    Jos graduated from the University of Applied Sciences with a Master of Computer Applications. Taking that into the workforce, he spent some time programming in assembly – before deciding to shift to a higher programming language. He moved into Accenture, and from there into BSO – which would later become Atos. Their methodology and approach gave Jos the background in ERP systems, including SAP, which he needed to work up to launching his own company – which he did in 1997. He’s been working almost exclusively with SAP since 1995 – working primarily as a team lead with organizations wishing to roll out and implement. Plus, with a business focus on almost entirely multi-national companies – ranging from Takeda to Phillips – Jos was able to build up a portfolio of global SAP transitions.  

    In 2015, Jos made the decision to switch the focus of his company, QBusiness Consultants, to S/4HANA. That shift, which was based on market demand for S/4’s standardized practices, made Jos one of the first S/4 experts in Europe – and he’s helped roll out S/4 across 60+ countries, for organizations including Siemens, Unilever, Upfield, Phillips, Takeda, and various organizations in industries like oil and gas. Today, he’s completed 10+ enterprise-level S/4HANA transformations.  


    Jos has built a name for himself, leading S/4 transitions across some of the world’s largest technology and pharmaceutical companies. But, he’s a firm believer in teamwork. “I’ve always been part of a team” says Jos, “It’s not just me, it’s my team and the company behind me. That’s why I wanted to be part of Cognitus EMEA – I get the backing of a world-class team and technology that supports me in delivering the global S/4 transitions I’m passionate about”.  

    “Team has always been part of what we’re all about”, he continues “at Cognitus, if an organization needs help, my first goal is to help them find the people who can offer the solutions they need. Sometimes that’s people from the States, from the UK, from Sweden – so long as they have the expertise and have been involved in similar projects before – so they can offer insight into what’s happening in your project. Bringing in the expertise you need is one of the most crucial parts of any project”.  

    He’s also a firm believer in creating good strategy and good solutions. That’s why he specializes in the business transformation aspect of S/4HANA transformations. “Business, technical, they both go together. S/4 requires a mix of technical expertise and business intelligence because organizations making transitions have to know what the business results are, what the return on investment is, what they have to do to maintain market growth. My role is advising on those processes, creating roadmaps, and building solutions with the company – so we have good solutions with solid foundations. “  

    Jos at Cognitus  

    Jos helped found Cognitus EMEA in 2019 – as a partnership with co-founders Eby Rahmanzadeh. With an estimated 45,000 organizations still needing to make the shift before 2027, Cognitus’ factory approach with intelligent automation and global support are sorely needed. That approach to migration allows even a small team to quickly set up and enable those transitions. Jos co-founded Cognitus EMEA in response to the need for S/4HANA implementations.  

    Now, he’s working as a strategic advisor – helping organizations to answer questions about what an S/4 transformation will mean for them, building roadmaps, and working to align people and strategy across those transformations.  

    “S/4 is a black box, people don’t know what they’re getting into, and often there’s a lot of uncertainty. Organizations have to be able to project resources, required organizational change, and the impact of the transition – without that, they can’t start. That’s what I’m working on with Cognitus EMEA. We use a combination of standardized Gallop packages like Discovery to help organizations scope projects. That, with the vast range of expertise my team and I have, normally allows us to answer most questions and create some level of certainty before the transformation starts.”  

    Jos brings his wealth of experience across organizations, industries, and cultures to Cognitus EMEA.  

    “The key factors to any successful S/4 transition are always good people and a willingness to change. If you bring in people who know where you’re going and what you have to do there – all you have to add to the mix is to be able to make the changes needed to grow the business. “  


    If you’d like to learn more about Jos, visit his LinkedIn.  


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