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Team Spotlight: Nigel Eagles

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  • What do several decades of experience in SAP, IT project resourcing, and sales have in common? Our UK Director of Sales, who brings all three to the organization, complete with his own insight and international approach to organizations.  

    Nigel Eagles is the Director of Sales for Cognitus in the UK. With 25+ years of experience managing and directing sales and recruitment across large-scale tech organizations, he’s the perfect fit for Cognitus’ team. 

    When Nigel stepped into his role at Cognitus, he brought first-hand experience with helping organizations solve problems on resourcing and networking for SAP projects. That allows him to offer unique insight into our projects, helping our clients achieve better project outcomes, and we’re proud to have him as our Director of Sales in the Uk.  

    Who is Nigel?  

    While Nigel currently lives in the Netherlands with his wife of 35+ years, he was born in the UK, just outside of London. A born salesman, he took the first opportunity to follow in his father’s footsteps, taking on a job as a photocopier salesman. Just 6 months into the role, Nigel was at the top of his field, and was selected as part of a team of the 10 best salesmen in the job. Still, it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life.  

    “It’s a great way to learn how to sell because no one wants to talk to you”, says Nigel, “But it just wasn’t me. I’m very much into changing people’s lives, I want to do something that has a powerful impact on people,”  

    Nigel switched rolls, taking on a job building IT project teams. He launched his own company and specialized in resourcing for those IT projects. Then, he was introduced to SAP.  Realizing it was going to be a big thing, he switched focus, specializing in resourcing for SAP implementation and projects. Nigel’s company worked with major organizations like Accenture and Ernst and Young – ensuring they had the staff to complete SAP projects.  

    When Nigel sold the company, he moved into resourcing and helping organizations establish a baseline in Europe. That began with Pure Software – which Nigel helped to set up in Amsterdam. From there, he worked with some of the world’s largest software and IT companies like Google, helping those organizations to move into Europe, usually through Amsterdam. That experience, which often involved helping organizations to develop and scale their business, means Nigel has vast insight into what organizations need in terms of structure, people, and resources to scale and succeed with projects.  


    Nigel has decades of experience working with international companies across Europe, helping organizations to solve issues with resourcing, staffing, and sales. That’s driven by a real love of not selling products, but by helping people achieve the outcomes they want with a product.  

    That drive to make a difference also impacts his personal life. Nigel moved to the Netherlands in the late 90s, losing his right to vote in the UK. Faced with an inability to share his voice, he naturalized in the Netherlands so he could vote, and now holds a dual passport in the UK and the Netherlands.  

    “Being a good salesman is about how you communicate with people, whether you understand their needs, and whether you understand if your product solves their problems – if it doesn’t, you have no business being there”.  

    In his spare time, Nigel is a history buff, he’s read every book on WW1 he can get his hands on – but he also likes fiction, with highlights like Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth. He’s also a dedicated sportsman, playing tennis and golf at least weekly, and scuba diving when he can.  

    Why Join Cognitus 

    Nigel joined Cognitus after sitting down with our CEO, Ebby, who completely sold him on the company and its software. “I really like Cognitus’ offer”, says Nigel, “we have an offer that can help people with real and pressing problems, and I’ll always be behind that”.  


    If you’d like to learn more about Nigel, visit his LinkedIn.  

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