Jos Romijn

Position: Founding Partner

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    Jos Romijn

    Decision-makers, do you have a new and challenging S/4Hana International Program? Hire me/us Cognitus directly.

    Able to work (Virtual) for continents EMEA, US/NA, Latam, AsiaPacific, using Activate methodology, and the Sap certified Gallop Packages.
    Our strategic focus since 2015 is S/4Hana.
    My experience: 9 times S/4Hana, >12 Full cycle SAP implementations, >21 Data Migrations, >40 rollouts, Blueprinting, Functional Design, Realization, >12 SAP Finance implementations.

    How can I help you?
    Assess your Company with an expert team, migrate your ERP to S/4Hana based on the SAP Gallop Pilot Package, create your S/4Hana Roadmap, Business Case, Project budget, and finally manage your complete S/4Hana Implementation/Digital Transition. We support the Cloud and your Business Transition, so your entire transition.

    Focus on reduction of your costs, optimize your Organization, harmonization of business processes, and Data Management, complex supply chain, manufacturing, and Finance.
    Preferable for Key and GB International accounts.

    Cognitus Consulting EMEA B.V.
    Jos Romijn
    Management & Delivery Partner