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Nevila Mullaj

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  • Nevila is a business professional with a passion in strategic business and human resources.  Her previous experience is in working for international global leader companies in many countries, where she has had the chance to expand the network knowledge and the technical skills. Previous background is in finance related to SAP ERP modules. Furthermore, she has been working for SAP Ariba cloud where she has had the chance to have a wider outlook on SAP S4 Hana. Nevila worked also as a senior coordinator for international projects covering areas of strategic management and business operations.

    About me:

    I believe in the art of communication. As a Resource Manager my aspiration is to use the power of communication, to both highlight resources talents and enforce set skills of the people. Based on the above, then apply this to the requirements of the organization. My inspiration is working as a team and help people to thrive in a positive environment.

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