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Make the move to S/4HANA with the certainty of data-driven decisions. Gallop Discovery scopes the people, timelines, and resources needed to transform your business and processes, so you understand what your digital transformation looks like before taking the leap.

Our European team consists of industry leading SAP experts, strategists, and consultants spread across Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Nordics. Our approach combines local expertise with global support and an intelligent automation conversion factory to enable your transformation.

New at Cognitus Europe

Jan 18th 2023
WEBINAR: Unravelling your custom code on SAP ECC

While many organizations are still running their ERP...

Jan 17th 2023
Why Consider SAP Best Practices

In every engagement with new or existing long...

Dec 22nd 2022
SAP Best Practices for M&A Divestment

SAP’s S/4HANA presents opportunities and challenges for organizations...

Dec 09th 2022
Factors to Starting a Successful SAP S/4HANA Trans

Thousands of organizations now have to make the...

Dec 02nd 2022
Team Spotlight: René Van Der Zanden

René van der Zanden is the VP of...

Nov 04th 2022
Cognitus Partner Network

Partnerships are important to Cognitus and the 3...

Oct 07th 2022
SAP S/4HANA Transformations – The 3-Stage Rocket

SAP S/4HANA Transformations – The 3-Stage Rocket Approach...

Sep 22nd 2022
On Premise vs Cloud SAP S/4HANA: Making the Right

Thousands of organizations are migrating to SAPs S/4HANA...

Sep 15th 2022
On Premise vs Cloud SAP S/4HANA: On-Premise Deploy

Choosing between an on-premise or a cloud deployment...

Sep 08th 2022
On Premise vs Cloud SAP S/4HANA: Considering Cloud

Thousands of organizations are busy making preparations to...

Aug 25th 2022
Professional & Project Services Solutions for S/4H

Thousands of organizations running SAP generate revenue via...

Aug 18th 2022
Cognitus Netherlands Unlocks PE Sell

Cognitus Netherlands Unlocks PE Sell & Services Authorization...

Jul 14th 2022
Technology Partner Spotlight: Panaya

Thousands of organizations are making the shift from...

Jul 07th 2022
Revelation and Cognitus Partnership

Revelation Software Concepts and Cognitus Announce Strategic Partnership...

Jun 30th 2022
Adapting to the SAP Clean Core with your S/4HANA T

ERP implementations have traditionally relied on customizations. That...

Jun 23rd 2022
Greenfield vs Brownfield: Why Transformations Alwa

Scoping Risk to Choose the Best S/4HANA Approach  ...

Jun 09th 2022
Team Spotlight: Kjell Norstein

With a background as a logistics  consultant and...

May 26th 2022
Voquz Labs and Cognitus Strategic Partnership

VOQUZ Labs, a leading global software manufacturer for...

May 20th 2022
Preparing for an SAP S/4HANA Transformation

Part 3: Mapping the S/4HANA Implementation to Your...

May 12th 2022
Preparing for a SAP S/4HANA Transformation

Part 2: Choosing an S/4HANA Approach and Building...

May 05th 2022
Preparing for an SAP S/4HANA Transformation

Part 1: Building Roadmaps   With thousands of organizations...

Apr 27th 2022
Team Spotlight: Nigel Eagles

What do several decades of experience in SAP,...

Apr 21st 2022
Designing S/4HANA Roadmaps

Designing or planning S/4HANA implementation, adoption, and progression...

Apr 08th 2022
Panaya and Cognitus Announce Strategic Partnership

Panaya and Cognitus Announce Strategic Partnership for SAP...

Apr 08th 2022
Planning an SAP S/4HANA Cloud Migration

Internal vs External Resourcing For the thousands of...

Mar 31st 2022
Building the Path to a Successful S/4HANA Transfor

Building the Path to a Successful S/4HANA Transformation  ...

Mar 24th 2022
Team Spotlight: Jos Romijn  

How does one of Europe’s most experienced S/4HANA...

Mar 17th 2022
Staffing is the Largest Bottleneck to S/4HANA Impl

Today, most organizations have just 5 years to...

Mar 10th 2022
Transformation Series 3: Business Transformation

Putting Business Goals into Perspective as you Transition...

Mar 03rd 2022
Transformation Series 2: Discussing Digital Transf

Reducing Uncertainty and Optimizing Processes with S/4HANA   Digital...

Feb 24th 2022
Transformation Series 1: An Introduction with Rene

Transformation Series 1: An Introduction with Rene van...

Feb 04th 2022
What are the Challenges of moving to SAP S/4HANA?

What are the challenges of moving to SAP...

Jan 27th 2022
What can Cognitus Do For You: How Do We Deliver Be

In late 2021 we spoke to the Cognitus...

Jan 19th 2022
Introducing the Cognitus EMEA management team

Introducing the Cognitus EMEA management team and outlining...

Jan 12th 2022
Are You Ready to Migrate to SAP S/4 HANA?

Many organizations have stayed on the same SAP...

Jan 11th 2022
Cognitus EMEA: Looking Back on 2021

A Retrospective with Cognitus EMEA: Looking Back on...

Jan 06th 2022
Meet the Cognitus Team in Europe

This video is a short introduction to the...

Jan 01st 2022
Gallop Discovery

Get to know our SAP S/4HANA Transformation solution:...

Dec 30th 2021
What is SAP cALM (Cloud ALM)

Cognitus Program Manager and cALM evangelist Kjell Norstein...

Dec 21st 2021
Introducing Cognitus EMEA (Sneak Preview)

We are preparing a short video series about...

Nov 30th 2021
Cognitus: meet the founders in Europe

How do three cultures come together to deliver...

Nov 19th 2021
Time is running out!

Webinar: Time is running out! Preparation is key,...

Nov 19th 2021
Meet the Cognitus team in Europe

Oct 28th 2021
Team Spotlight: Andrea Cipriani

Team Spotlight: Andrea Cipriani How does an aeronautical...

Oct 20th 2021
Video: Atea Sweden Digital Transformation with Cog

The pandemic brought about great challenges for businesses...

Oct 19th 2021

Cognitus in EMEA   Supporting Your Smooth Transition to...

Our Projects

Is a Fully Remote Digital Transformation Possible in the Middle of a Pandemic?  

A key focus of Atea’s digital transformation journey is the standardization and simplification of business processes, technology, and governance to ...


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International Corporation (MCO-I) combines highly efficient turbomachinery meticulously manufactured in Japan w...


First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar systems using advanced module and system technology. They focus on b...

the team in europe

Eby Rahmanzadeh

CEO Cognitus EMEA

Jos Romijn

Founding Partner

Rene van der Zanden

VP Sales EMEA at Cognitus | SAP Partner | S/4HANA

Andrea Cipriani

S/4Hana Program manager & Solution architect

Marc-Daniel Ulbrich

Project Manager / Product Lead

Nigel Eagles

Sales Manager

Ran Sandhu

UK&I Director | SAP S/4 HANA | Cloud Transformation | SAP Gold Partner

Roy Peters

S/4HANA Solution Architect

Tamas Stefan

SAP FICO, Treasury

Madhury Ghisaidoobé

Junior SAP Consultant | Master in Health Economics

Ales Gesten

Data Migration Lead / Project Manager

Gabriel Nicolaou

SAP S/4 Change Director | Director Cognitus UK

Marwane El Boudouri

Demand Generation Specialist

Kay Morris

Transformation Director UK & EMEA

Global Cognitus Team

Our mission

about us

Cognitus Europe launched in 2020 to deliver full-service SAP consulting and support, leveraging local SAP expertise alongside our SAP packages with key industry solutions.


With decades of experience in SAP systems, a global network of SAP consultants, and a factory-approach for migration, and packaged solutions for SAP – Cognitus are SAP Experts.


We work with mid-to-enterprise organizations in need of S/4HANA transformations and long-term deployment. ATEA Sweden, Boom Supersonic, Shutterfly to name a few.

global support

Strategic business deliverables are always executed on-shore, but Cognitus leverages an offshore conversion factory and automation for cost-reduction and better project support.

Kickstart your S/4HANA transformation with a fixed-rate pilot of S/4HANA

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