Gallop digital
supplier network

transact at light

Connect to Ariba, the world’s largest business network and transact with transparency, efficiency, and reliability. Cognitus helps you engage with suppliers digitally and manage your complete supply chain in just one click.

Bringing buyers and suppliers on the same page:

Gallop Digital Supplier Network makes procurement as easy as it should be

Gallop Digital Supplier Network connects buyers with all their suppliers irrespective of size, location, or technical sophistication. By leveraging its e-commerce capabilities, you can speed up your procurement process, automate invoice processing, enforce compliance, improve supplier collaboration and increase your returns on working capital. Gallop DSN makes transacting with suppliers as easy for your businesses as it is for your consumers.

cognitus differentiator

Cognitus is recognized for its capabilities in helping customers enable intelligent supply chains. As an SAP Gold Partner, Cognitus helps customers leverage state-of-the-art Digital Supplier Network capabilities to simplify their procurement processes and control all spending from procurement to payment. Empowered with spend analysis insights, our customers reduce risk, ensure compliance, make better sourcing decisions and negotiate best-value agreements for sustainable savings on both direct and indirect materials

how can
cognitus help?

Procurement leaders rely on Cognitus to help them work with the world’s largest business network, digitalize, and fully integrate their source-to-pay process. With Digital Supplier Network enabled our customers get the intelligence and visibility they need to be agile, mitigate supplier risk and achieve long-term resiliency against disruptions.


No more manual and email PO´s. Digital supplier collaboration capability and stop relying on email, paper and phone.

$3.1 trillion

In commerce on an annual basis

supply chain visibility

Automate the procurement process with real-time, ongoing, two-way supplier communication - bringing intelligence to every step.

$4.1 million

Companies on the network


Quick invoice processing and data accuracy, minimizes wrong or duplicate payments, while improving accounting processes and overall financial visibility.

$490+ million

Business commerce transaction per year

invoice automation

The supplier portal allows one APP resource to process 10 times more invoices and real time visibility into status.


Of fortune 2000 companies


5 reasons you need sap digital
supplier network membership

save enough to cover the cost

Enjoy a rapid ROI and capture more discounts from your suppliers
  • Increase in cash flow 4-6%
  • Increase discount savings 3.8X
  • Avoid the pain of building and maintaining your own system, which could cost over 3X more

do the work one

SAP is a #PlatformForLife, no matter where your business takes you.
  • Manage one relationship for ERP, procurement and spend management.
  • Add new markets and business units - Or merge with other organizations
  • - Without a new provider Eliminate the heavy maintenance and costs of EDI connections

gain transparency to improve payments

Get the visibility and flexibility to match payments to your priorities and needs.
  • Strategically time payments to improve cashflow Give suppliers full visibility into payment status to reduce calls and questions
  • Block payments until goods or services have been received

save the trees and your time

Yes, accounts-payable automation eliminates paper, but it also gets rid of manual processes.
  • Increase efficiency 3-4%
  • Improve the payables process by 80%
  • Eliminate procure-to-paper system Flip digital POs into invoices

make global business easier

Take the complexity out of managing suppliers in markets around the world.
  • Do business across languages and currencies on one network Stay ahead of tax regulations and compliance requirements with automaticcloud updates