Gallop Discovery

Insight into your
S/4HANA Transformation


Gallop Discovery:
Your S/4HANA Assesment, Pilot and Roadmap

Make the move to S/4HANA with the certainty of data-driven decisions. Gallop Discovery delivers insight into your current SAP environment while familiarizing your teams with S/4HANA.

Gallop Discovery is:

An Assessment showing the impact S/4HANA has on your systems and business processes
S/4HANA Pilot to test drive the latest SAP suite and get familiar with the model company, Best Practices and recommended Fiori Apps

With the S/4/HANA Pilot, Gallop Discovery ensures adoption risks become visible, using your real ECC data and business scenarios. This allows you to identify, optimize, or adapt processes to minimize those risks before you start. With Gallop Discovery to showcase the value of the transformation, you can better understand and map your journey S/4HANA.

With Gallop Discovery, Cognitus assesses implementation risks and possible business process optimization to deliver an implementation plan complete with a cost plan, document implementation plan, integration plan, and S/4HANA Implementation roadmap – all based on real business data, removing uncertainty.

Gallop Deployment:
Conversion factory with intelligent automation

Leverage data from the Gallop Discovery phase to streamline your S/4HANA transformation. Using data from Gallop Discovery, Gallop Deployment enables a rapid conversion to S/4HANA, leveraging SAP’s Activate Methodology, our conversion factory approach, and our tools to optimize business processes with a minimum of business interruption.

Gallop Deployment delivers a standardized approach to your transformation, with support from our S/4HANA transformation experts. Our unique combination of factory approach, tools, templates, and senior consultants means we offer stability and certainty as you restructure processes and move to the SAP cloud.

Migrate with the certainty of proven tools and technology to help you transformation. Gallop is the first and only SAP Qualified Partner Package Solution available in the SAP App Store for SAP Deployment. Cognitus is an SAP Gold Partner, with a global presence and support offerings.


Launch your Deployment with full support of data created during the Discovery Phase. Cognitus offers support for Greenfield, Brownfield, and Bluefield (Selective) transformations.

Kickstart your digital transformation with data based on expert analysis of your systems & processes.

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With decades of experience in SAP systems, a global network of SAP consultants, and a factory-approach and packaged solutions for SAP – Cognitus are SAP Experts. We’re SAP Gold Partners and we’re committed to innovating and improving our client’s business processes. Our combination of factory-migration processes, global support, data assessment, migration assistance, and long-term management services, we help you ensure your S/4HANA transformation goes smoothly. And, with innovative technology including SAP packages for nearly every industry, we’re in a unique position to empower your digital transformation.

SAP commissioned Gallop in 2018, as a solution to migrate organizations from previous SAP ERP versions to S/4HANA. Today, we’re helping small-to-large organizations manage those transformations, with our unique combination of human expertise and standardized support and processes.

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