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Gallop Talent Intelligence: An AI-enabled Intelligent Talent Management Platform from Cognitus powered by LiveHire, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass, fully integrated for a seamless candidate experience you can find, engage, manage, pay, and improve the quality of hiring process, efficiently.

Right skill, right place, right time and at the right cost

Gallop Talent Intelligence - a holistic approach to talent management

Enable advanced talent supply chain strategies with mobile-ready Gallop Talent Intelligence platform. With LiveHire, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Fieldglass tightly integrated, our customers improve the quality of their new hires, accelerate their time to hire, improved their shortlist to hire conversion rates and reduce their overall recruitment cost.

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Talent leaders who take a holistic approach to engaging external candidates, contingent workers, internal staff and alumni rely on Cognitus’ Intelligent Talent Management platform to leverage their employer brand, elevate their candidate experience and grow a private talent cloud of perspective candidates.

Talent intelligence

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The Gallop Talent Intelligence powered by LiveHire elevates your candidate experience for permanent hiring using SAP SuccessFactors - allowing you to attract, engage, pipeline and hire significantly better talent for your business faster.

succession &

Improve organizational agility, reduce risk, increase engagement and retention.


Reduce risk, maximize budgets and retain top performers.

& goals

Improve organizational alignment, provide continuous coaching, more relevant reviews

Workforce Analytics &
Workforce Planning

Organizational Strategy


Attract, engage, hire quality candidates; leverage modern capabilities including SEO/Social.


Guide, connect and develop new hires from “Day 1” for faster time to productivity.


Ensure compliance develop talent, and extend learning beyond employees

talent acquisition, engagement, and
experience in one ai enabled platform

Client Branded Private Talent Cloud
Unified Talent Profiles and Live Federated Data
AI assisted pipelining
2-way text
360 Analytics
SAP Success Factors and Fieldglass
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