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Webinar interview: Get L0 & L1 support via ChatBots

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Understand iAMS in 15 mins

Most companies have L0 and L1 SAP support through phones and emails which can have a lot of productivity losses as information and people may not be available timely to help the business user.

With the latest technological advances and Digitization with Microsoft platform there are opportunities to automate repetitive tasks with the help of AI and Cognitive Services. It is indeed a world of APIs and hybrid cloud platforms for companies to take advantage of the best of breed. MS Teams integration with SAP is a unique use case to build on the Azure platform to provide support for the most FAQ and L0 L1 support or for raising automated in SNOW.

IT support cost is a challenging topic for many companies and self-integrations, or application use cases can tremendously help in cost footprint with an easy pay as you go subscription model. Not only does it reduce cost but takes away the complexities from the end users to login into multiple systems and get answers to the most common questions around application support and otherwise.

Cognitus Hummingbird AMS R&D Team has come up with multiple real time use cases for synergetic applications like MS Teams with an end point connection to SAP and ServiceNow. This chatbot application provides L0 and L1 support for the most frequently asked questions providing 24x7 support at the same time reducing cost. The chatbot also can raise a ServiceNow ticket if all options are exhausted, and the Cognitive Services are not able to help the end users. The landscape is plain and simple with the use of Azure platform and subscription and APIs working with SAP and ServiceNow.

For more information, contact us: sales@cognitusconsulting.com

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