Compliance Made Simple

Empowering Government Contractors

Meeting compliance in a globally evolving regulatory landscape can be complex. Keeping up with procurement procedures, cybersecurity requirements, ethics, and anti-corruption laws can be a real challenge. Compliance with wage and labor laws, small business programs, and export controls adds to the complexity. Contractors must also oversee subcontractor compliance and understand unique industry-based requirements.

Meeting these challenges calls for proactive engagement in risk mitigation strategies, as well as staying updated on regulatory changes and maintaining transparent records. With CIS-GovCon, keeping up with all these challenges and gaining a competitive edge has never been easier!

Achieve Compliance Excellence with Ease

SAP CIS-GovCon by Cognitus is a cross-industry compliance solution that integrates with your SAP ERP solution to meet project-based government contracting business needs and covers the gaps for Government Contractors with end-to-end functionality.

The solution is fully DCAA compliant and supports key regulatory frameworks such as FAR, CAS, DCMA, and ASC. Powered by SAP S/4HANA, it adheres to top-notch standards including NIST 800-53, ITAR, FedRAMP® Moderate, DoD CC SRG, and more. Rest assured that your data is secure, protected, and in full compliance with the stringent requirements of the industry.

Extending The Power of SAP to Meet Government Compliance

Opportunity to Project Templates
Plan Resources
Plan and Source Materials
Project Execution, Including Flowdown
CAS Reporting and Closure

Cognitus' partnership with SAP equips businesses with the necessary tools, expertise, and support to effectively meet government compliance requirements. By leveraging SAP's GRC solutions and Cognitus' CIS-GovCon, your business can enhance compliance processes, reduce risk, and navigate the complex regulatory landscape with greater confidence.

Regulatory Expertise:

Cognitus, as an implementation partner of SAP, brings deep domain expertise and knowledge of government compliance regulations across various industries.

Streamlined Compliance Processes:

Leveraging SAP's GRC solutions, combined with Cognitus' implementation expertise, businesses can automate compliance tasks, establish control frameworks, and integrate compliance functions into existing systems.

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting:

Leverage real-time, comprehensive view of the business across different levels, including top and bottom lines, project margins, and overall profitability while proactively tracking compliance metrics to mitigate risks.

Streamline Compliance Management with End-To-End Functionality


End-to-end automation, covering everything from bidding to project closure.

Preconfigured industry-best-practice processes, ensuring standardization and quick time-to-value.

Facilitates compliant project financial management.

Offers a user experience (UX) comparable to consumer-grade interfaces, improving productivity and employee satisfaction.

Key Features

Contract management
Resource management
Subscription-based sales
Project accounting
Project management
Subcontractor management
Time & expense
Actionable information & intelligence

Achieve Successful Growth Outcomes with CIS-GovCon

Comply effortlessly with government contract requirements
Evolves with your company and supports new business models and processes
Tightly integrate with preferred contractors & suppliers for improved margins on prime contracts
Reduce the operational cost, effort, and complexity of meeting your compliance needs
Enable risk-sharing contracts and remove barriers to entry (e.g., Accounting system and CAS)

Navigating through the complex world of

government contracting and compliance?

Get in touch with our experts today to effortlessly identify relevant rules and regulations, swiftly streamline the compliance process for your business and mitigate potential risks!