Hamilton Engine:
For Accounting

Hamilton will always have your
regulatory compliances covered

Simplify and standardize lease and revenue compliance & quantitative reporting and disclosures by leveraging Hamilton Engine’s out-of-box functionalities. Only solution on the market that can meet the requirements of regulatory processes of both a lessor and a lessee approach.

one stop solution for all accounting compliance needs

Hamilton Engine is the simplest, fastest and most comprehensive solution for businesses to achieve accounting compliance with IFRS/ GAAP guidelines including IFRS 15/ASC 606, IFRS 16/ASC 842 and GASB 87 regulatory needs of both a lessor and a lessee, making it a one-stop solution. It’s Automated Accounting Framework is designed to adapt to evolving regulations; to stay compliant with current regulations and future changes. No matter what regulatory changes arise in the future, Hamilton's flexible, robust, and use-case-driven core technology will always have your business covered.

Hamilton is an SAP add-on solution which integrates with your existing SAP software ecosystem without any additional software, hardware, system upgrades or investments. This enables faster integration with your current financial and accounting processes with minimal business disruption. It is the only solution on the market that can meet the requirements of regulatory processes of both a lessor and a lessee.

the hamilton edge

80 Use case and counting

Hamilton is use case driven with a dedicated business processing logic for each use case that is configurable and easily modifiable. It can support complex use cases to meet current requirements and adapt to any new, future requirements. We are continually publishing industry-specific use cases and many others.

More flexible than any other product on the market

Hamilton is named after one of the powerful mathematical algorithms that it leverages in order to calculate and solve complex compliance problems in a systematic, use case-driven manner. The solution’s flexible framework is adaptable to any one of the various interpretations by entities of IFRS, GASB or GAAP, bringing peace of mind to auditors and legal teams everywhere.

Getting started is simple

We quickly extract data from any source system a business may have, transform it into a raw data format, and load it in the Hamilton Business Active Repository (HBAR). If your business runs on SAP, it’s even simpler: we just connect the Hamilton add-on software to your SAP solution, and the data is immediately available in the HBAR.

why hamilton


Hamilton is natively integrated with SAP without any additional software or hardware installation required for SAP ERP users. A typical implementation is 3-4 months.


Hamilton does not conform to the limitations of any one particular accounting process or regulatory compliance standard. Our solution is actually a framework, and it’s the only one you’ll ever need to stay compliant.


Hamilton’s compliance algorithm is designed to support existing and evolving compliance needs covering any future regulatory changes.


Hamilton is currently in use by global companies in the USA, as well as many large telecom and retail companies in Asia and audited by the Big 4.


Based on customer feedback, some of the key strengths of Hamilton Engine are its powerful reporting, audit trail capabilities and user-friendly application.

auto-generated financial reporting and disclosure information

With its built-in disclosure and business-reporting capabilities, Hamilton automates everything — now, you can stay ahead of changing compliance standards and gain visibility into your lease portfolio.

GL Accounting Postings &
Pro Forma Invoices

Creates and processes pro forma invoices and seamlessly integrates with GL Accounting.

Financial Statements & Disclosure Reports for Compliance

Facilitates disclosure reports for financial and operating leases in compliance with IFRS 16 and ASC 842.

Business Reporting
Data & Documents

Scans, manages, and bookmarks business reports and documents.


(IFRS 15/ ASC 606)

New standards, effective from January 1, 2018, are complex for companies reporting under both GAAP and IFRS and can have a potential impact on earnings. Hamilton can help you comply with these guidelines with its use case driven framework.

(IFRS 16/ ASC 606 AND GASB 87)

New guidelines, with varying effective dates for public and private companies, require nearly all leases to be reported as lease assets and lease liabilities. Hamilton is easily configured in your SAP ERP and can help you automate compliance from both lessor and lessee perspective.