SAP® Paybacks and
Chargebacks by Vistex®
(Manufacturer Chargebacks)

Track, adjudicate and pay your claims
seamlessly within your SAP® solution.

Manufacturer Billback/Payback Management

Billbacks occur when a manufacturer negotiates an agreement with a channel partner or directly with an end customer for special pricing or spending programs. The product is sold to the end customer through a channel partner or the channel partner incurs expenses based on the negotiated spending program. The channel partner files a claim with the manufacturer. The manufacturer audits the claim and sends a payment to the channel partner. The end customer may also be eligible for a payment from the manufactures.

SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks by Vistex improves cash flow and profitability by reducing inaccurate chargeback payments and the associated costs of dispute handling. The solution offers sophisticated program, claims and rebate management as well as price protection tools, plus real-time reporting and advanced analytics

Pain Points:

  • No visibility into distributors’ sales execution

  • No visibility into end sales or end customers

  • Lack of communication with channels to sell out in the market

  • Difficult managing duplicated & erroneous claims from channels

  • Overpayment of claims

Business Benefits:

  • Drives comprehensive, holistic contract management

  • Manages billbacks calculations automatically

  • Recalculates automatically based on retroactive changes to hierarchies and contracts

  • Reduces the number of false payments, disputes, and claims reconciliations

  • Allows real-time visibility into end-consumers/customers

  • Increases operational efficiency

  • Enables real time insight into direct and indirect sales channels

  • Delivers full management visibility and analytics of all payback programs, with reporting capabilities at your fingertips


  • Pricing contracts

  • SPA & S&D contracts

  • GPO/Group contracts

  • MDF programs

  • Channel tracking

  • Channel communication

  • Claims reconciliations

  • Mass accruals & settlements

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