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why you need the intelligent enterprise

Don’t wait-- Right now is the time to get ahead competition and leverage technology to increase and revolutionize your businesses core capabilities. Simplify the standardize processes to enable innovation in oil and gas with intelligent cloud services.

what cognitus does for you

The switch to SAP Intelligent Enterprise may seem overwhelming and challenging, as it might encompass a change never before experienced by your company. Cognitus solely serves to alleviate this issue and guide you along the entire value chain, from upstream, midstream and downstream.

We will assess your company’s specific needs and requirements, build a strategy that adheres to your specifications and industry trends and provide implementation, all while training your stakeholders to get the most value from SAP.

roadmap for oil and gas

The Intelligent Enterprise takes a forward-thinking approach to help you deliver safe, reliable and sustainable energy. Explore our oil and gas road map to learn about current industry solutions, planned innovations and future direction.

current release highlights

upcoming innovations

what does the future look like?

Of oil and gas companies will leverage real-time equipment and asset performance data to self-diagnose issues by 2021

Of oil and gas companies will have created new ecosystems by implementing AI and blockchain by 2022

Of new mobile apps use voice as a primary interface

Of manufacturers are predicted to use network related products and set digital twins into digital twins ecosystems for a systems-level view of their business by 2024

Of manufacturers are predicted to network related products and set digital twins into digital twins ecosystems for a systems-level view of their business by 2024

what is our strategy for success?

Continued investment and ingenuity are expanding the energy network infrastructure, Digital leaders are delivering operationally ready assets, often on a performance or revenue – share basis, by using the power of supercomputing for more accurate exploration and effective asset design and construction.

extend beyond the barrel

Personalization is dominating all industries including oil and gas. By 2025, personalized offerings will generate a $95B industry.

digitalize product and delivery

To be a big player in the future, companies will need to be superior in gaining insights from their operations, products and services. Automation by AI and machine learning will be the foundation of such processes, supporting a digital hydrocarbon supply chain.

compete as an ecosystem

Manage safety, cost and agility with AI and continuously improve and innovate your designs and operations based upon performance feedback to get a competitive advantage. The future of this industry will rely on seamless data sharing with all ecosystem partners so that collaborative efforts can take place.

unlock value with technology

Every aspect of your business and every decision made is depend upon technology and the need for improved technology capabilities will only continue to grow. A strong digital core is essential to the success of your business, with automation and AI.






and sales





1. Become stakeholder centric

With XM, oil and gas companies can trigger landowner or venture partner feedback to better understand impressions and sentiments before and after any new or revised royalty or venture agreements.

2. Optimized well lifecycle

With XM, oil and gas companies can trigger employee feedback to hear directly from them and contractors to better understand what hazards they encounter and what can be done to avoid such hazards.

3. Become stakeholder centric

With XM, HR managers can capture in the moment feedback from current and prospective employees to better understand specifically why they are not attracting and retaining talent.

4. Achieve exceptional maintenance service experience and technician engagement

With XM, OEM services managers can trigger partners and technician feedback to understand the shortages and leftovers of a toolbox and why service is underperforming.

5. Optimize safety for workers

With XM, construction companies can trigger employee feedback to hear directly from them to better understand what hazard they encounter and what can be done to avoid such hazards.

6. Improve supplier collaboration: treat your carriers like customers

With XM, logistics managers can capture in-the-moment supplier feedback to better understand supplier emotions and sentiments and, in this case, why service is poor.

7. Achieve top customer satisfaction with aviation fuel delivery excellence

With XM, Jet-A1 fueling companies can capture feedback to better understand customer preferences and staff experiences on their core activities and interactions.

8. Differentiate through superior shopping experience at service station

Looking for the WHY service stations can capture regular or event-triggered customer feedback to better understand emotions and sentiments directed towards the shopping experience and, in this case, specifically why customers have changed their routines.

Experience Management - the ability to understand what is happening through operational data (O-data): interlock it with experience data (X-data) from customers, suppliers, and employees; and act on insight to improve organizational performance and deliver better outcomes.