Data analytics has never been more relevant than it is in this age of big data and instant decision making. While Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of this fact, not all have the capabilities to optimally leverage its powers. The best data analytics architectures are in fact the ones that most accurately define the enterprises they serve. Keeping in mind today's fast-paced business environment, in which data creation has exploded, what you really need is a solution that can speedily sift through large volumes of data and provide you real-time insights. Introducing SAP BW4/HANA - the next-generation in-memory data warehousing application that can help you realize your true business potential. Designed to leverage all your existing investment in SAP BW, this solutions helps you seamlessly move to the next level of business analytics performance. SAP BW4/HANA can also combine SAP HANA's native modeling studio along with traditional SAP BW models to create complex reporting scenarios, Using data from SAP ECC as well as non-SAP data sources. New features in SAP HANA Studio such as SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT) provides real-time data provisioning without the 24-hour lag of traditional data warehouses.

Further,with the new SAP BW4/HANA reporting objects, you can eliminate the LSA++
layers and considerable minimize overall maintenance costs.

SAP BW on any DB

SAP BW powered by SAP HANA

Partner with Cognitus. Migrate easily

At Cognitus Consulting, we help organizations easily negotiate the challenges of SAP BW migration to SAP BW4/HANA. AND as an ‘SAP Gold Service Partner’. we have the endorsement of SAP to partner with you on this solution.

We have the industry experience and technical know-how to help you seamlessly and maximum ROI. What’s more, depending on your existing SAP warehousing solution, we may even be able to upgrade your BW version and complete your database migration – all, in a single step.

Choose SAP BW4/HANA for the better

What does all this mean? Better Outcomes for your business!

Bw4/HANA gives you the power to not just make better decisions, but to make them now. Specifically, its superior architecture translates to enhanced capabilities,equipping you to make real-time decisions – a priceless advantage in this era of constant change.

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