The Big Picture:

The catalyst for growth is transforming your company to succeed in the digital market

Trends in technology.

In today's world business strategies for any consumer product or any industry is interwoven with technology to the point that it cannot be separated. If the consumer product companies cannot adjust to the technological advances, as quickly as they are happening, fall behind.
Technology trends, such as Internet of Things( Iot) , in memory computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud computing, blockchain, have all intersected to change the industry at an astounding rate.

The consumer products industry has become the consumer consequences industry.

When consumers are quickly learning that they can get what they want, when and where they want, the differentiation is not only between quality or value, price or convenience, but from intuitive nuanced, abstract experiences like joy, control, conviction and conservation.

Challenge for today's businesses.

Consumers today want their lives to be easier, their experience to be personal and relevant but simple, where business dealings are seamless, technology is concealed, and privacy, security and faith are assumed and certain. They don’t want to be controlled or peddled to. They want to be informed, assisted, steered, and enlightened.

Aworld without labels

Experiences cannot be fabricated or predicted, and consequences cannot be furnished or distributed. They are created and provided as the need arises. The digital leaders of today are already changing products into services, generating new profits by participating as ecosystems and delivering results that cannot be bar-coded.
Transformation will not result from doing things gradually better, but from doing things essentially differently.

The Future:

The consumer is always online
And they are now in control.
With multiple devices providing real-time access to information about everything from product availability, to pricing, a consumer's shopping journey takes place across their home to workplace to travel to store. Benefitting from these hinges on the ability to be aware and to examine and act in the moment and in the value network based on realtime market signals created by the communication of people, technology and things.
Leading companies are already capitalizing on the new frontier of growth, ie. digital business. they will exploit new chances to deliver better, faster and cheaper outcomes than formerly feasible-stimulating continual growth.


Consumer companies seeking energetic growth plans in an otherwise low-growth environment and the efficient business operations lack flexibility and dexterity to address nonconventional physical and virtual channels.
What's needed are new business models and ways of working that reexamine and convert established levers of performance improvement:

  • Prominently expanding your business value at no gradual cost.
  • Appealing to consumers in real time and at low cost to grasp their thinking at that moment and not in the future.
  • Delivering customized products and services without the cost and difficulty of increasing SKU counts.
  • Reimagine your business digitally is at the heart of your ability to transform.


In today's connected world, smarter products and services will spotlight commerce on business results, and merge physical and virtual profit networks.

The Value Proposition:

Cognitus Consulting can help you reimagine your strategic business model and redesign your business processes, leveraging SAP S/4HANA and SAP Leonardo. We will also support and complement your digital transformation with integrated products based on Hyperledger like Tradefin. We will also ensure your transformation is IFRS compliant using the HamiltonEngine.

Choose SAP Digital Transformation for the better

What does all this mean? Better Outcomes for your business!

Success for our customers means that they can adapt to the digitization era and thrive in their industries. Our business software helps them develop the agility to meet market challenges, and gives them the tools they need to seize new business opportunities, create new business models,and engage their customers in the most competitive way.

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