SAP Fiori Applications

Modernizing the User Experience of SAP with SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori UX is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies modern design principles to deliver a personalized, responsive and simple experience across devices and deployment options. SAP's bold decision to make SAP Fiori UX available at no additional cost to customers represents a unique opportunity for SAP partners to develop applications that leverage SAP Fiori UX. Role Based SAP Fiori launchpad provides a central, role-based and easy entry point to business applications and reports across multiple back-end systems, ensuring access only to these applications which are relevant for the user's daily work. Personalization SAP Fiori launchpad provides end users the option to build their own device specific home pages, according to their daily business requirements, hence saving the user time in identifying the relevant applications required to complete their daily work.

SAP Fiori Features

  • Fiori apps developed with sap ui5 screen elements
  • These apps supports in all formats like Tablet/Mobile/Laptops/Desktops.
  • This Fiori applications interact with database with the help of Net weaver gateway.
  • MVC is implemented in building Fiori Apps.
  • The Meaning for MVC architecture is Model, View, Controller in model deals with data base operations.
  • View represents the screen element like table, text, radio button, combo box, shell etc.
  • Controller acts as a mediator between model and view for sending and receiving data by consuming odata service.
  • Controller contains implementations under Event Handlers and also it contains front end validations.

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