SAP Hybris and E-Commerce

SAP Hybris & E-Commerce solutions are engineered with customer-centric and data-centric capabilities which enhance the flow of information, the timeline of workflows, the performance of processes and the relationships with the customers. It has following  features which are beneficial with relation to automation and digital transformation that they bring for the businesses. Primarily Omni-Channel Versatility, for all businesses with a huge customer base, it’s difficult to engage with the customers if a single platform is used. With Omni-Channel B2B and B2C interactions, businesses can deliver the solutions that the customer is looking for using multiple marketing platforms. Customers just don’t stay as the end users rather they become a part of the process starting from data collection to merchandising. Secondly Customer-Centric Operations, SAP Hybris and E-Commerce products for Sales cater to the ever changing dynamics of the digital enterprise workflows and customer engagements. Customers look for real-time interactions and data processing and look past any passive engagements. The Sales products are cloud based with an integrated framework of CRM. They fetch the customer data through algorithms and provides it to the front line sales team which can use this data to generate leads and prospects.

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At Cognitus, we are not just Gold-Certified SAP partners and long-time SAP collaborators. We’re also experts in business processes across a wide range of sectors and enterprise types. Our deep familiarity with SAP and extensive deployment experience enable us to design and implement an SAP Hybris solution that drives efficiency, profit, and sustainable growth. Based on your context and situation, we can help you develop your business processes in a systematic manner.

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SAP Hybris is a complete customer engagement and multi-channel e-commerce solution with fully-integrated tools and capacities. It serves B2B and B2C brands belonging from industries like financial services, telecommunication, insurance, media, manufacturing, retailing and wholesale.

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