SAP Paybacks, Chargebacks

SAP Paybacks, Chargebacks  and Incentive programs helps manage complex agreements through unstructured or even manual processes that  impede thoroughness and accuracy, and often results in missed opportunities to recover costs. Without access to data on supplier pricing, discounts, rebates and chargebacks, there is no visibility into program performance. So to minimize lost opportunities and manual errors with end-to-end claims management. Improved visibility to the claims management lifecycle, sales models, distribution channels, promotions and licensing programs with a complete audit trail and access to data for gross-to-net analysis. This ultimately, decreases cost recovery time with improved monitoring and automation of complex processes.

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SAP Paybacks, Chargebacks  and Incentive programs help Automate Paybacks, Chargebacks and Incentive for enhancing sales, building customer satisfaction and increasing productivity.

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