With the recent release of S/4HANA® 1709 SAP customers are now able to run SAP Transportation Management functionality on the same instance as their ERP solution. S/4HANA 1709 introduced an additional deployment option for SAP Transportation Management where SAP TM 9.5 functionality runs side-by-side on the same S/4HANA instance as the ERP functionality. In other words, it is no longer necessary to have a separate set of systems/servers/databases for SAP Transportation, as is the case with the classic side-car deployment option of SAP TM that we have seen to date. Key Advantages:
  • Reduces the complexity of several interfaces and data duplication.
  • Currently embedded TM option only supports the Shipper scenario.
  • Smaller database and hardware footprint
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to smaller replication and monitoring effort
  • Enhanced user experience leveraging S/4HANA "look and feel" and Fiori UI
  • Remove the need to duplicate ERP Master Data, thereby removing the need for the Core Interface (CIF) by sharing a single set of harmonized master data objects.
  • Real-time embedded analytics
  • Integration with new S/4HANA Enterprise Management for managing transportation-related equipment
  • Remove ERP Transactional Data from SAP TM perspective by removing Order-based Transportation Requirement (OTR) and Delivery-based Transportation Requirement (DTR) documents in TM. OTR and DTR documents are no longer necessary. Orders and deliveries are able to convert directly into Freight Units, Freight Orders, etc.
S/4HANA 1709 brought the possibility of implementing Basic Shipping functionality using the modern SAP TM code base. The following basic functions are included:
  • Main transportation network master data (zones, lanes, etc.)
  • Manual carrier selection and tendering
  • Freight agreements
  • Delivery based planning
  • Dangerous goods management (with some limitations)
  • Output management
  • Transportation execution (without Event Management)
  • Basic charge calculation and freight settlement
  • Analytics in BW
TM adds a wide range of functionality on top of Basic Shipping in side-car SAP Transportation Management offering:  
  • Order and delivery-based planning
  • Transportation Cockpit UI
  • Optimizer-based planning
  • Automatic carrier selection and tendering
  • Advanced charge calculation (consolidated, event-based, air/rail/ocean functionality)
  • Analytics and reporting via CDS
  • Load planning and optimization (TLB)
  • Integration with:
    • Event Management
    • Global Track & Trace (EM future replacement)
    • Logistics Business Network
    • Enterprise Warehouse Management (EWM)
    • Enterprise Asset Management
    • Geographical Information Systems (PC*Miler, HERE, etc.)
    • Global Trade Service (GTS)
    • S/4HANA Credit Management