Optimizing Transportation Processes The complexity of global supply chains is growing while technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Transportation costs are increasing, legal requirements are constantly changing and at the same time customers expect the highest levels of service. To tackle these tangible challenges, the need for an efficient, highly connected transportation platform is very real.

Cognitus believe that only by combining a deep business competence, a state of the art software solution and an outstanding team of consultants can deliver a successful transformation project.

  Business competence Achieve transformation goals with experts who provide deep-rooted business and industry expertise. We at Cognitus always start a project by defining a clear target process structure with derived value levers to justify a business case. Only by combining deep domain expertise with excellent business know-how, to achieve value in project. Strategic freight sourcing Forecast transportation requirements, negotiate freight rate contracts with carriers and freight forwarders. Establish and manage volume commitments and space allocations. Companies who have optimized this business area run efficient demand-to-contract processes. Order Management Identify transportation orders from customers and own business units. Generate customer orders based on standardized service products and ensure the execution with standard operating procedures. Comply with trade and company regulations during order management Freight Planning and Optimization Achieve efficient route planning and space utilization across different modes of transport. Manage full and less than truck loads, consolidate into LCL containers or plan air consolidations. Handle full container loads and IATA direct shipments. Handle truck and trailer planning or manage own extensive fleet of vehicles and assets. Visualize shipments with sophisticated planning cockpits, Gantt charts and live transportation maps. Transportation Resource Planning Keep track of large amounts of assets such as containers, ULDs and trailers, be these leased or owned equipment. Optimize global equipment movements, repositioning and demand forecasts to optimize routes and reduce detention/demurrage charges Freight Execution Generate and manage all shipment documents from bills of loading, shipping instructions, airway bills and advanced shipment notifications etc. Integrate state-of-the-art SAP warehouse systems to harmonize the picking/packing of goods with transportation planning and carrier tendering. Stay ahead of supply chain with shipment tracking and monitoring. Freight Charges and Settlement Manage freight rates based on cost estimations and draft invoices. Handle customer invoices efficiently and avoid revenue leakage or overpayments. Collaborate with suppliers via a web-based portal and pro-actively verify all invoices in an efficient process guiding on any dispute cases. Analytics and Performance Management Stay informed on all levels in organization, from a rate comparison cockpit for freight procurement department, customer cockpits with dispute cases and credit histories as well as consolidated management reports concerning on-time delivery rates, vehicle utilization, cost/revenue reports and landed cost analysis. Key Business Solutions For: - Long lead times and quality issues in answering large customer RFQs as a logistics service provider. - High cost of transportation during inbound and outbound processes. - Challenges in process efficiency in order to handle increasing shipment demands in growing business. - Overpayments and reactive management of invoices from Logistics Service Providers and Carriers. - Penalties and shipment delays based on legal and trade compliance issues. - Lack of visibility for shipments as well as reactive management of incidents and delays. - Lack of integration and process harmonization between transportation and warehousing processes.   Solution Know-How Find the right software solution for transportationneeds. In a market flooded with technology, it is easy to get lost in the jungle of software vendors and their capabilities. We at Cognitus always start by analyzing the fit of IT solutions based on individual needs. We have specialized our expertise in recommended solutions: