For many years, Cognitus has supported well known logistics companies by successfully optimizing their business through innovative processes, implementing best fit SAP solutions and organizational development. Most of our consultants have actually worked for logistics companies before they joined Cognitus

Industry Expertise + SAP Solution Excellence

We grew up with logistics and have mastered complex logistics processes from warehouse management to distribution and transport logistics.

We know the most appropriate logistics solutions

Process knowledge is only useful if know how to successfully select and implement the best fit IT solutions.

We are globally present with TM and EWM Certified Senior Consultants

Logistics thinks and acts globally, just like Cognitus.

Niche skillsin Software and IT Capabilities

Based on several years in IT and Software implementation projects, we have gathered a tremendous degree of expertise in designing and implementing SAP solutions. This expertise stretches across all levels of a project, from deep process and functional expertise to system configuration, set-up and the development of high-value add-ons. We are always at the boundary of technology innovations. We at Cognitusstrive for latest innovations. Key areas surrounding SAP Transportation Management and Extended Warehouse Management which complement the IT solution and bring tremendous value to our customers are: - SAP Fiori-based front-end for improved reporting and user experience - SAP operational process intelligence to enable an operational control tower - SAP Transportation Resource Planning (SAP TRP) to optimize transportation equipment and asset movements and SAP EWM Shipping Cockpit for warehouse operations. - Mobile applications for operational users, reporting and monitoring - SAP Collaboration Portal for carrier and partner interaction

Value Based Implementations

- Focus of our implementations are value and return on investment. - All implementations managed by us at Cognitus follow a strict value-based approach. We guide our customers to implement process standards and maximize the capabilities enabled by the SAP TM/EWM solutions. We rigorously address any customization and add-on needs to ensure a clear cost/value ratio.

Solution Architecture Definition

- We solve complex solution architecture challenges to achieve an easy to maintain, connected and integrated system landscape. - Every customer has a unique IT landscape with existing legacy applications. We are true experts in designing and implementing the SAP transportation applications as part of system architecture. Our solution architecture capabilities include a deep analysis of business and integration requirements and the implementation of the relevant solution components. Our experienced Solution Architects are the quality stewards and key design authority for any implementation project.

Sap and Legacy Integrations

A unique capability of the SAP transportation applications is that they are seamlessly integrated into the SAP landscape: - Discover how orders and deliveries flow into SAP Transportation Management to handle planning, freight rates and execution. - Experience how warehouse and transportation processes from a delivery request to picking, packing and loading are harmonized with transportation planning and carrier interaction. - Holistically manage 3PL customers from order capturing to billing by managing transportation and warehouse services in one logistics platform with SAP TM and SAP EWM. - Integrate transportation and logistics processes in existing financial and controlling back-end system to analyze profitability and landed cost.

System Automation and Master Data Challenges

- We achieve process optimization and guide on the path to achieve true automation. - A key goal for most IT implementations is to achieve automation in processes to reduce the manual workload for employees and enable a pro-active, customer centric organization. - We are experts in achieving process automation with SAP transportation solutions, e.g. in strategic freight procurement and selling, transportation planning and optimization, freight rate management or invoice verification. The true challenge in automation often lies in collecting and efficiently managing master data. Expertise and the manual decisions of experienced users need to be digitized. We have the tools and methodologies to collect, integrate and maintain new master data into SAP systems to achieve real automation.

Cognitus Add-Ons

- Keep process and market differentiators with value-based system add-ons. - Each IT solution can reach the limits which standard software provides. This is especially the case because most customers want to implement standard software but still keep their process uniqueness and enable unique sales propositions as a key differentiator to competition. - We at Cognitus are certified experts who can guide in deciding if and where it is possible and recommended to enhance e.g. SAP Transportation Management. We have the expertise regarding enhancement spots and user exits to judge how to realize an add-on.

Deployment Expertise

- Achieve true system adoption in organization, across regions, processes and lines of business. - Many of our customers run their transportation departments not only in a centralized organization but across multiple geographies, several lines of business and multiple functional domains and teams. We have an experienced team to guide how to best deploy a transportation management solution. We have tools to analyze the complexity of organization and the scope of the project. We recommend to the best deployment approach to decide a clear roll out strategy. We provide an experienced team to supervise and support this deployment approach.

Consulting Services

Work with professionals who combine business competence and solution expertise. To achieve project implementation goals, need a reliable team of professionals who can combine business competence and solution expertise embedded in a strong organization providing best in class tools and methodologies. It is crucial for us to look beyond this horizon. Our consulting services start supporting long before starting an IT implementation. We engage with much earlier by analyzing business pain-points, advising on the strategic direction of supply chain, justifying an investment decision, evaluating software capabilities and training teams which ensures success in an end-to-end process implementation. After achieving implementation, we guide on continues improvements and provide application maintenance services to enable a ‘zero disruption’ utilization of solution.

Achieve theBest byPartnering withCognitus

Cognitus provides global Business and IT Consulting services, serving enterprises striving for innovation, operational excellence and profitable, sustainable growth. Our teams have deep and profound business, process and IT know-how: • Deep and broad SAP functional expertise: • Strong expertise in all main SAP applications, selected industry solutions and SAP technology: • Integration of non-SAP and legacy systems in heterogeneous environments: • Experience from single-system to global multi-instance landscapes: Many of our consultants have hands-on experience from the industries we serve. We always ensure a perfect mix of resources with our teams for particular needs. From Platinum consultants with +10 years of business and IT expertise to Project Managers with +5 successful end-to-end implementations as well as offshore delivery teams, we have the capability to deliver – globally.

Business Process Consulting Services

Start with the foundation for our transformation projects accounts for our success. We start supporting our customers in analyzing business pain points, defining system requirements and creating a target operating model for processes and IT before starting system implementation:
  • Best Practice Process and IT Health Checks: Our experts analyze business processes and IT landscape in selected areas to recommend potential areas of optimization.
  • FEASIBILITY STUDIES: We support in finding the best IT application to realize goals and guide on solution fit and effort/value estimations for investment boards.
  • BUY OR RENT DECISIONS FOR IT HARDWARE: We provide with value-based decision support Our landscape experts recommend the best technical landscape. We guideon the cost and value of running own servers and hardware onsite (buy) vs. a state-of-the-art hosting model (rent).

End-To-End Implementation Services

We manage system transformations for all angles. We are specialized in SAP Transportation Management implementation from an end-to-end perspective. We provide expertise across all functional domains and process areas in multiple industry verticals. Our implementations provide all services across and beyond a traditional project organization:
  • Project and change management
  • Top management steering committee
  • Training of project teams
  • Functional business and IT experts
  • Integration and technology expert
  • Development of add-ons and enhancements
  • Data migration experts
  • Rollout and deployment specialists
  • Testing of system to successful launch

Application Maintenance Support

- Outsource application maintenance support to a reliable partner. - After the successful launch of an implementation, professional support to maintain operational excellence plays a vital role. Cognitus offers customers tailored support services on a global basis. In terms of transportation in particular always need to stay on top of new legal and compliance requirements and changing customer requirements. Our AMS experts help to manage such requirements on a continuous basis.

Continuous Process Improvements

- Our experts guide on process improvements based on KPI and benchmark frameworks. - Standing still means going backwards. In order to maintain competitive advantage an organization needs to constantly look to improve processes and IT solutions. Cognitus offers smart business KPI checks and continuous analysis and evaluation of potential process optimizations. We also consider what benefit SAP Enhancement Packs and releases will bring to business.

Global Capability to Deliver

  • We support in global transformation programs.
  • Cognitus has consultants worldwide and a mix of onshore and offshore centers, we have the capability to deliver projects globally.
  • solution know-how
  • Global Presence, Expert Competence and Ability to Execute.