SAP® Data
Pricing by Vistex®

Automate and Optimize your price setting
with state of the art SAP® solutions.

Price Management:

Price Management offers solution for Pricing Maintenance (User-friendly layouts and intuitive functionality allow users to adjust prices without delay, while providing the ability to execute mass pricing updates, automating maintenance and eliminating hours of manual processes).

Price Management also offers tool to set complex promotions and program at the time of sale with variable qualification. It also provides easier reporting and analytics to establish true margin and complete gross-to-net reporting by evaluating pricing, incentives, and revenue-sharing programs.

Price Management:

SAP Data Maintenance by Vistex eases data maintenance of non-contract pricing data through a flexible user interface tool to manipulate and automate mass updates and manage deals. The solution also calculates and reports government pricing and Medicaid claims for Life Sciences manufacturers.

Pain Points:

  • Slow responses to price changes

  • Huge number of records to proces

  • No ability to do price simulation

  • No real-time margin analysis to ensure cost-control on every level

  • Manual approval process for price setting and changes

Business Benefits:

  • Enables efficient price management (uploading, mass creation/ change etc.) and evaluation of price changes (including workflow approval with notification), before release

  • Includes complex models and multiple parameters in the decision making process

  • Permits flexible price strategies to meet business objectives

  • Offers extensive simulation capabilities to model what-if scenarios

  • Supports pricing guidelines to ensure adherence

  • Delivers full management visibility and analytics of all chargeback programs, with reporting capabilities at your fingertips

  • Displays gross margin, net margin, pocket margin on the fly, comprehensive margin management, including on-invoice or off-invoice elements

Example Scenarios:

  • Cost + pricing

  • Market-based pricing

  • Value-based pricing

  • Strategy-based pricing

  • Segmentation-based pricing

  • Pocket price bands

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