make shoppers happy

Deliver the real-time shopping experiences that customers love - online, in the store, and everywhere in between.

dissappointed shoppers

Three out of every four online shoppers fail to regularly see product recommendations that interest them.

online product research

88% of internet users and shoppers regularly research products online before purchasing them in the store.


Retailers with an omnichannel customer engagement management strategy realize a 91% year-over-year increase in retention rates.

what is sap customer experience?

SAP Customer Experience solutions takes an omnichannel approach to create a seamless customer shopping experience. Your company can reach its full potential at each touch point and deliver outstanding customer experience while growing profits.

SAP Customer Experience manages customer data, provides meaningful insights and predictive intelligence that will enable your business to transform and grow with high industry demands.

why do you need sap customer experience to succeed?

The retail space is becoming increasingly competitive as globalized markets create new and unprecedented customer demands. In order to gain a competitive advantage and go beyond customer expectations, it’s essential to have integrated technologies that can maximize your company’s protentional across all value chains.

SAP Customer Experience provides proven technologies that allow you to build trust and retain customers.

5 keys to success

be consumer centric

Know your customer and what your customer wants. With the latest SAP technologies, generate customer-specific touchpoints based upon real data proven to generate profits while building brand equity.

serve the segment as one

Customers want personalization, so company’s need the ability to individualize offering and single-item sourcing and delivery. This personalized experience builds brand equity and retains loyal customers.

implement digital supply chains

Efficiently get products in the hands of your customers with SAP’s automated systems that connect end-to-end supply chain through real-time data.

Traditional scenario

  • Manufacturer sends product to a retail distribution center.

  • No inventory visibility on the road is available.

  • No information on delivery status is available.

Delays in traffic are not accounted for.

Often manual and error prone goods receipt occurs with paper or scanner based lists.

  • Issues align the supply chain.
  • No visibility on status on the road is available.
  • There is no chance to react.

Goods can arrive too late or damaged without warning.

  • Customer faces empty shelves.
  • Store associates have no information on upcoming arrivals.

new world scenario

Real-time supplier collaboration
  • . Online order confirmation based on collaborative demand planning and order forecast.
  • . Reduction of waste through cost-optimal ordering.
Real-time alerts and automated response

. Smart recruiting in case of issues along the route.

. Goods receipt in distribution center with RFID

. Real time alerts on issues such as cold chain violation, theft, and delays.

Supply chain automation
  • . Goods receipt in store with RFID.
  • . Secure supply chains supported by blockchain transactions
Consumer safety
  • . Optimally stocked shelves with little to zero food waste.
  • . Customer getting detailed information on pedigree, ingredients, cold chain compliance, and more.




Source: SAP Performance Benchmarketing.

run smart stores

Transform your stores into a brand experience. With technologies like virtual reality and AI, customers can achieve interaction with your brand without being in a physical store, while capturing the changing needs of your customers.

sell outcomes beyond products

Get ahead of the game now and invest in services that will become new sources of revenue in the near future. By understanding consumption habits of your customers, new services and offers tailored to specific customers can be extended, like personalized meals.

This replaces the traditional selling style where now businesses can accurately and automatically deliver on customer’s needs.