SAP Emarsys
Customer Engagement

Happy customers are loyal customers. Deliver personalized, real-time engagements at scale that increase retention and loyalty.

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement

SAP Emarsys is a cloud-based, omnichannel marketing platform that enables relationship-building interactions to deliver personalized, real-time engagements at a scale that increases retention and loyalty. By tracking customer interactions, matching them against a massive statistical model to makes accurate predictions both on how and when consumers like to be reached, and on what content is most likely to elicit a response Cognitus is helping brands rapidly achieve targeted business outcomes by automating highly personalized and engaging omnichannel customer experiences.

Emarsys all starts with Data (I.e. CDP, CDC). Emarsys truly unifies your product, customer and transactional data throughout all channels. Allowing for more customer engagement allowing them to interact through any channel they prefer. Build loyal and lasting relationships. With Emarsys AI and Analytics are built in. Get instant and complete visibility and measure impact they have on your business.

How you orchestrate your customer engagement is at your fingertips. Ready go to tactics or create your own. Effortless bring in personalization through any of your channels. Leverage Artificial intelligence to make the best of your data.

Connect with your customers in a meaningful way!

Data Driven Experience

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Understand customers and deliver relevant, real-time engagements
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Produce measurable results with real-time, scalable personalization
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Integrated, personalized, and cross-channel campaigns


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Ask yourself this simple question: How well do you really know your customers?

Do you have a central repository of customer data containing their interactions, purchases, calls, visits, product affinities? Do you have a full view of their profile data? Age, demographics, HH income, sex, marriage status, location?

What should you do next? How do you engage with customers on a 1:1 basis given all of the information that you have about them?

Do you understand the context of their last interaction?

Can you identify your customers across any channel?

Can you bring all of this information together in real time?