SAP AMS Support

Application Support Services

In order to keep your SAP systems running smoothly and allowing you to focus on the core business of your company, we invite you to look at how we approach and provide this critical support function.

At Cognitus Consulting we take pride in providing topnotch AMS services:

What makes US unique? For example, here’s how we deal with helpdesk tickets.
  1. Cognitus Consulting partners have remained hands-on involved in SAP!
  2. These (the same) partners, are also communication managers between customers and the AMS teams,
  3. At transition, the responsible AMS teamincl. the partner/communication manager prioritizes any, and all open tickets, and Starts reporting the agreed upon metrics (SLA),
  4. Provide guidance and expert industry knowledge and best practices to the (module specific) AMS team members regarding the way to resolve the ticket after we categorize these tickets,
    • OSS relevant, SAP ‘bug’ type of problems,
    • Similar as ‘A’, but ‘bug’ in custom code to be debugged by an ABAP team member,

It starts with our custom service offerings

Basis Administration Services

Our Basis Administration teams include individuals with vast experience accumulated in a wide range of Operating systems, databases, SAP releases and other specialized administrative .

  • Application/User Security Maintenance
  • Architecture Design/Redesign
  • Data Refreshes
  • DR and Business Continuance
  • Enhancement, Service Pack / Tools Installs
  • EP/ESUs/ASUs Application
  • Knowledge Transfer & Mentoring
  • Object Transfers
  • Package Builds and Deployments
  • Performance Tuning/Optimization
  • Printer/Job Queue Maintenance
  • Process Re-engineering/ Optimization
  • System and Process Documentation
  • System Audits
  • System Monitoring
  • System/Environment Maintenance
  • Web Server Support

Want more?

Super users resigning, retiring? We have you covered.
We can provide personalized knowledge transfer and mentoring, assuming you have used our service for at least 2 months. In collaboration with your staff we can fill the gaps in your team capabilities, and allow your internal SME’s(subject matter experts) and other resources to be redirected to higher priority initiatives, or to expand your overall breadth of capabilities.

Want (to pay) less? We can share resources with other customers. This also increases the exposure of the team to other systems, environments and different solutions that may also be a better fit for you.

We are a relative small company in the list of SAP GOLD partners, yet we have just achieved this for the second year in a row! How did we do it?

We have never had a project/ customer that was not happy. Every single one of our customers has supported us over the years, and gave us the ‘Thumbs up’ in the SAP review they were invited to fill out.

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