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Discover the optimum path for your business to maximize your investments in SAP solutions; increase business efficiency and seamlessly weave technology and business together.

Cognitus is a long-term strategic partner for SAP and has been working with SAP to support enterprise adoption of SAP products since 2002. Cognitus' SAP strategic advisory service is driven by thought leaders and consultants with a minimum of 15+ years of SAP experience. Our aim is to help businesses to optimize their investments in SAP solutions leveraging their experience in technology and business for a holistic solution that is sustainable and scalable. Immerse yourselves in round table style conversations with our experts to discover the roadmap to a successful future.

What is the solution service and how is beneficial to the customer

Let Cognitus help you take your first step to SAP S/4HANA or transcend your existing processes to SAP S/4HANA. We can help you traverse the fast-evolving ERP technology and determine what will help you drive your business faster and smarter. Find out if, how and when you should start your journey and what would be the right path- a brand new implementation a.k.a. Greenfield, migration from SAP ECC a.k.a Brownfield or Selective Data Transition a.k.a Bluefield. Does the move to a cloud platform with RISE with SAP meet your security requirements? How can you leverage SAP’s free to use assessment tools like SAP Pathfinder or 90-day SAP S4HANA trial license?

Cognitus’ Strategic Advisory team can help you discover:

  • Innovations that are right for your business

  • Areas for improvement by using industry specific benchmarks

  • How to simplify IT infrastructure

  • How to securely move to a cloud platform

  • How to prepare for Organizational Change Management

  • How to prepare your business to quickly adapt emerging opportunities

four pillars of advice strategy

Leverage real-time data processing that combines transactions and analytics


user experience

Should be intuitive and easy to understand

Automate repetitive processes, free up resources for meaningful engagements



Allow growth for future need

our core competency areas are

  • Release on Demand
  • Lean Mgmt.
  • Team Agility
  • Agile Coaching
  • PMO
  • Manage
  • Track
  • Complete
  • Fit to Standard
  • Gap Identification
  • Refine
  • Review
  • Solution
  • Technical
  • M&A
  • Integration
  • Create
  • Augment
  • Audit
  • Best practice
  • Review
  • Complete
  • Custom Code
  • API
  • 3rd Party
  • Strategy
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Enrichment
  • Integration
  • System
  • User
  • KT Doc
  • Train Org
  • Support
  • Optimization
  • Innovations
  • Continuous
  • improvements
  • AMS
  • CoE

cognitus differentiator

Cognitus leaders are SAP veterans with deep expertise that blends technological innovation and business acumen. Cognitus is capable of supporting global companies with complex systems and sophisticated business processes. Our customers business ranges from 200 million USD to 5 billion USD in annual revenue. At the same time, we are not as big as some of our competitors; this allows us to react quicker to changing requirements, develop personal connections and maintain focus on our core competencies. We have become trusted partners of our customers in their journeys of growth and transformation.

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Our Approach

cognitus team will collaborate with yours to:

Understand current processes
Uncover the pain points
Comprehend the motivators of change
Know budget and time constraints
Share the vision for the outcome

Uncover the business impact of changes
Evaluate processes against industry benchmarks
Strategize risk mitigation
Evaluate integrations with non-SAP systems
Understand security requirements

Prepare the road map to a digital
ERP that can scale with emerging
technologies and business growth

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