Customer Success Stories

what cognitus and sap offer

Armstrong World Industries provides ceiling & wall solutions while Armstrong Flooring is a manufacturer of flooring products to help in the design and construction of commercial buildings and residential spaces. Leaders in this industry, they offer interior solutions that help to enhance comfort, save time, improve building efficiency and overall performance, and create beautiful spaces.

Armstrong World Industries was built on two business divisions, Ceilings and Flooring. With manufacturing locations across the globe, both had products with a vastly different margin profile. To create more transparency in profitability it was decided to split the company into two separate legal entities utilizing SAP SLO tools. Both entities still run SAP, which provides high quality information crucial to run the businesses.

  • . Plant and sales org reassignment,
  • . Update of credit control areas and
  • . Update of purchasing organizations
  • . New CO object creation as well as some
  • . CO object re-assignments and
  • . Settlement rule (re-)creation

key benefits

With a wide range of functional needs and technical requirements, it was essential Armstrong got expert advice on how to split the single instance of SAP and convert the data in in the resulting instances to continue to meet their daily business requirements, without loss of historical data, and with new capabilities for product level profitability/gross margin reporting due to splitting of overhead cost on company code level.

first solar

First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar systems using advanced module and system technology. They focus on building a sustainable future by leading with sustainable energy. First Solar wanted to transition from ECC to S/4HANA.

what cognitus and sap offer

First Solar focuses on supporting services that include finance, construction, maintenance and end-of-life panel recycling. First Solar needs to transition from an older system to a new and improved one; S/4HANA offers reduced risk, less cost, easy transition across business functions and can alleviate current issues experience in the current financial close process. Cognitus assess the situation and requirements, then proposes the best approach to offer a solution.

key benefits

  • . Reduction in database footprint
  • . Increase in processing speed and analytics
  • . Enable finance, supply chain, and order to cash roadmaps including accelerated close
  • . Improved usability enabling fast decision making
  • . Pre-built industry functionality to ease configuration, transacting and reporting
  • . “Ready to run” businessprocesses out of the box
  • . Data-based, expert advice and focus on exhaustive testing by Cognitus

first solar specific outcomes

  • . TERA 0 & 1 (manufacturing expansions) would be complete before S/4 went live
  • . Targeted Q3 2018, to get through month-end & quarter-end prior to Q4 system freeze
  • . SAP hardware was nearing end of life
  • . Allowed S/4 to be online before the rush to hit the SAP ECC sunset in 2025
  • . Positioned First Solar to address functional gaps, process optimization and further reduction of operational expense in Q4 2018
first solar's journey from sap ecc to sap s/4hana

customer success story-first solar

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International Corporation (MCO-I) combines highly efficient turbomachinery meticulously manufactured in Japan with fast, fine-tuned local services in the Gulf Coast region. In early 2018 MCO-I requested a proposal for their migration from their parent’s SAP ECC to S/4HANA. After a thorough selection process Cognitus Consulting was awarded the contract.

motivators for change

  • MCO-I's decision to move to S/4HANA was based on:
  • . The ability to bring in new and improved functionality available in S/4HANA and be able to adapt quicker to specific business requirements driven by customers
  • . Allowing End-to-end process understanding and downstream impact of actions among teams.
  • . Establishing a core team of super users to induce knowledge to their teams and to increase collaboration between teams
  • . Creating a robust systems and best practice driven business processes.
  • . Streamlining, efficient and effective use of systems to facilitate on-time delivery, billing and payment processes.
  • . Defining a strong inter-system architecture between SAP, CRM, TeamCenter and other systems.


Since MCO-I was already on SAP ECC, and pleased with some of the functionality, the decision was made to implement a greenfield S/4HANA and adopt some of this functionality from the parent company and convert the data from ECC to S/4HANA.

sap s/4hana modules implemented

The implemented modules were all part of S/4HANA core and included Finance, Controlling, Materials Management, Production Planning, Project Systems, Human Resources and Sales & Distribution.

some metrics

This project started early July 2018 and used an extremely aggressive implementation time-line of 5 months. Using the Cognitus onshore/offshore model, the project could work with a 24/5 schedule and all deadlines were met within budget.


Cognitus’ in-depth knowledge of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction solution in SAP, together with an experienced onshore/offshore team made the difference for MCO-I. The heavy involvement of the MCO-I subject matter experts, working directly with our onshore and offshore team and using the SAP Activate methodology, accelerated the knowledge transfer, testing and training.


Plastipak is a leading global company in the rigid packaging and recycling industries. Plastipak has manufacturing plants in more than 40 different countries, and their success lies in their innovation and mission to provide valuable and sustainable products.

what cognitus and sap s/4hana offer

Plastipak has a big focus on proper inventory management as well as procurement, which is largely based upon workflow. To assist with inventory management, SAP S/4HANA allows Plastipak to track inventory, fit specific requirements, efficiently manage materials and waste. Additionally, S/4HANA streamlines workflow allowing for flexibility, planning, and automation. Cognitus expertise with all areas of SAP S/4HANA assist Plastipak in meeting their goals through strategizing and leading the company is best practices and optimization of SAP

key benefits

  • . Time savings
  • . Better production rates
  • . Higher quality production
  • . Accurate inventory
  • . Quick execution of strategy and outputs
  • . Less custom reporting
  • . More accurate planning
  • . Higher automation

How SAP enabled TreeHouse Foods in choosing compatible acquisitions

TreeHouseFoods, Inc. is a leader in manufacturing and distribution for privately labeled packaged food and beverages, ranking at #17 amongst our 29 categories. TreeHouseFood offers healthy, natural and organic foods to customers all across North America.

what cognitus and sap offer

SAP helps TreeHouseFoods remain a market leader and continue to grow their business. Cognitus drove the implementation of material ledger & actual costing, while simultaneously streamlining and intelligently allocating indirect costs, based on i.a. machine time consumption to materials, and across divisions, to facilitate detailed COGS reporting in COPA and CFin. 

key benefits

  • . Provision of a financial controlling framework to implement SAP at ‘merger’ plants
  • . Actual cost and Profit transparency (COGS by cost component)
  • . AOP and ML close Process Standardization
  • . Reduction of yearly AOP efforts
  • . Faster month-end close (incl. auto-posting BS on/off)
  • . Represent Inventory at Actual Cost
  • . P&L by customer/product
  • . Increase bottom line profitability (through better information & decisions)
  • . Implementation by Cognitus ensured correct and value-added use of SAP

Detailed proof of concept helps in smooth implementation

Ranked 79 in fortune 500 companies, Tyson foods is the world’s second largest meat processor and marketer. Tyson Foods wanted to integrate a new acquisition. An intricate POC was created for their System Landscape Optimization that assured them of the proposed solution.

what cognitus and sap offer

These are trying times and Tyson/ Hillshire cannot afford to fall behind the competition. That is why they use SAP’s flagship software. Everything from the implementation of material ledger and actual costing to streamlining AOP allocations across the merged companies to the SLO conversion of data into a unified SAP landscape was handled by SAP and Cognitus.

Scope of work

  • . Cognitus facilitated the SAP pre-SLO activities to create conditions to merge Material master data (split valued and non-split valued) due to ‘timely’ lack of available SLO resources at SAP
  • . Completed the Proof of Concept merging the acquired Hillshire Brands Company into the Tyson landscape with ‘forced’ split valuation and Material ledger activation for the merged companies.
  • . Streamlining AOP (Annual Operating Plan) allocations and product costing across merged companies
  • . And finally, the SAP SLO assisted (System Landscape Optimization group) conversion of material master data with and w/o split valuation into one unified system
  • . Implementation and activation of SAP Material Ledger & Actual costing


  • . Unified reporting across merged companies
  • . Product level Profitability/Gross Margin Reporting
  • . Actual cost and Profit transparency (COGS by cost component)
  • . Month-end and AOP Process Standardization
  • . Reporting Inventory at Standard & Actual Cost
  • . Report Standard & Actual Value of Inventory by product


  • . Number of employees after merger 141,000
  • . The PoC ‘Saved’ the project as due to time pressures project was almost abandoned
  • . Featured applications/ experience: Product costing with Material Ledger, Actual Costing and CO-PA and Product costing, Actual Costing,  CWM (catch weight) SLO.


BJ's Wholesale Club Inc., commonly referred to simply as BJ's, is an American membership-only warehouse club chain. Products are Electronic, Home, Furniture, Outdoor, Sporting Goods, Toys, Jewelry, Clothing and Health and Beauty. Memberships at BJ's are required for these benefits and are available to individual consumers and businesses.

what cognitus and sap vistex® Offer

Cognitus works with BJ’s North America region, offering support with functional & technical upgrade of the software solution , IS-Retail integration for vendor promotions and on-going post-production support. Cognitus assess BJ’s specific situational needs and offers strategy and implementation based off that.

key benefits

  • . Accuracy in Physical and Digital Reconciliation
  • . No Touch Vendor Coupon Invoicing rate using IA
  • . Increase bottom line control
  • . Lower dispute handling costs
  • . Lowest TCO
  • . Higher standardization


Isuzu is a Japanese commercial vehicle and diesel engine manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo. Itsprincipal activity is the production, marketing and sale of Isuzu commercial vehicles and diesel engines. There main focus is on "creation without compromise“. Commercial vehicles to move things and diesel engines to provide thepower.

what cognitus and sap vistex® Offer

Cognitus provides Isuzu support in IT and SAP specific software solutions, incentive planning and implementation and on-going post-production support. Cognitus helps Isuzu by understanding their goals and requirements in order to create strategy that will be deployed.

key benefits

  • . 80% time reduction in manual processing
  • . Calculating 50,000 commission documents per year
  • . Planning and training provided by Cognitus

michael foods

Michael Foods, Inc., through its Egg Products Division, is the largest producer, processor, and distributor of extended shelf-life liquid eggs and dried, hard-cooked, and frozen egg products in the United States. In addition, Michael Foods is the retail market leader of various retail brands such as Crystal Farms, Simply Potatoes, Papetti’s, etc.

what cognitus and sap vistex® Offer

Michael Foods needs to correctly predict demands, manage data and deliver on time. SAP serves to help Michael Foods achieve their objectives with trade spend management, deviated price management, trade promotions, rebates, chargebacks and request for pricing apps to North America Sales Force. Congitus specialty with SAP allows Michael Foods to properly manage and optimize rebates, chargebacks and incentives.

key benefits

  • . Uncovered $4M in invalid claims
  • . 40% - 60% reduction in rebate plans management time
  • . Deviated pricing offers via Fiori
  • . Automated chargeback processing

prestige brands

Prestige Brands Holdings, Inc. is an American company that markets and distributes over-the-counter healthcare and household cleaning products. For generations, Prestige Brands have helped consumers care for themselves andtheir loved ones. Their mission to preserve this trust by continuing to provide products stewarded with their needsin mind.

what cognitus and sap vistex® Offer

Prestige Brands is a large brand that needs to correctly manage their strategy, rebates, billbacks and streamline all business processes. Cognitus partners with Prestige Brands to use their expertise to implement SAP to deliver upon the goals and requirements set forth; from global deployment of trade spend , implementation of billbacks and rebates , adapt new UI/UX V/4 features in Fiori and self-service channel portal using Bridge-X Connect.

key benefits

  • . Uncovered $4M in invalid claims
  • . 40% - 60% reduction in rebate plans management time
  • . Increase bottom line control
  • . Lower dispute handling costs
  • . Lowest TCO
  • . Higher standardization

saint gobain abrasive

Saint-Gobain Abrasives, the world’s leading manufacturer of abrasives, offers powerful, precise and user-friendly solutions enabling customers to shape and surface finish all types of materials even in the most complex and challenging applications across a diverse range of markets. Part of the Saint Gobain, France, SGA is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA and owns the first ever mass-produced, precision-made grinding wheel.

what cognitus and sap vistex® Offer

SGA has various complex programs that need proper management and flexibility. SAP has the ability to work cross-functionally to offer solutions covering administration, modeling, reporting and analyzing. Cognitus provides training courses for stakeholders, leads the implementation, testing and modeling to full implementation, to make the transition smooth and straightforward.

key benefits

  • . 30-50% reduction in rebate overpayments and errors.
  • . Achieved real-time insight into our business processes and visibility
  • . Gained control on agreement earnings, on the accruals and the payouts
  • . Able to understand better the true benefit of each rebate agreement
  • . Better equipped to create partnerships with customers, based on shared goals
  • . Payment calculations for 25,000 customers completed in just 30 minutes
  • . Committed partnership with Cognitus for other needs, due to superior service and implementation

v. suarez & co. inc.

V Suarez & Co., Inc. distributes food, beverages, and household goods. The Company offers beers, distilled spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, dry groceries, frozen refrigerated foods, and personal care products, as well as develops and manages a portfolio of warehouse and commercial office properties.

what cognitus and sap vistex® Offer

SAP offers a variety of services for rebates, chargebacks and employee incentives. V Suarez & Co. needs a go to marketing pricing strategy that handles promotions, bonuses and chargebacks. They additionally need rebate and trade promo management. Cognitus comes in to offer implementation and training services to ensure the proper use.

key benefits

  • . Marketing realization in no time
  • . Reduce revenue leakage by eliminating non-performingpromotions
  • . Trade Promotion Management
  • . Trade Promotion Optimization

welch allyn

Welch Allyn is a leading global manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment with a wide range of connected solutions. With nearly 2,500 employees working in 26 different countries, they focus on the customer and imaginehow healthcare will be delivered in the future to develop tools and future-proof technologies.

Welch Allyn combines a practical understanding of clinical needs with a visionary spirit to develop solutions that assess, diagnose, treat and manage a wide variety of illnesses and diseases.

what cognitus and sap vistex® Offer

It manages billbacks, administrative fees, data objectives and customer management. For Welch Allyn, timely delivery and efficient management is needed in order to deliver the best and solutions. Cognitus has specific expertise in life science to ensure regulatory compliance and efficient utilization of resources and time.

key benefits

  • Reduced error rate by 90%
  • Used for sales trace processing to cleanse and enrich incoming data for further SAP processing
  • Expert consultation from Cognitus


Zoetis is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways. Building on 60 years of experience, Zoetis delivers quality medicines and vaccines, complemented bydiagnostic products and genetic tests and supported by a range of services. Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes a diverse portfolio of animal health medicines and vaccines designed to meet the real-world needs of veterinarians and the livestock farmers and companion animal owners they support

what cognitus and sap vistex® Offer

For Zoetis, SAP specifically services global rollout , SAP Hybris implementation for e-commerce, deals and Hybris integration rollout for customer promotions , rebates, chargebacks and loyalty rollout while replacing Model N and various legacy apps . Cognitus uncovers your specific needs and goals to build a strategy for expert implementation.

key benefits

  • . Reduction in sales rebate overpayments & errors
  • . Reduction in rebate plans management time
  • . Expedite claims management for indirect customers
  • . State of the art new commercial platform

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