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Webinar: Learn how identify the right IFRS 16
Compliance tool for your organization

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Undestanding How to Identify the Right IFRS Tool for You

The magnitude of IFRS 16’s impact on your organization depends on the level and complexity of leasing activity within the organization. If your organization’s need is to forecast payments for the lifetime of your properties, assets and account for renewals, anticipated changes in rent and discount rates, choosing an all-in-one lease management and lease accounting platform is the most crucial step in your IFRS 16 transition journey.

Join Budi Rachman (Chief Product Architect) & Harsh Vardhan Mishra (Vice President – Sales) and understand answers to:

* How does a tool help my organization be IFRS 16 compliant and is it adaptable to my future requirement?
* How does my system support the transition to IFRS 16 compliance? Can all stakeholders use it? Are users unlimited?
* Could it be a cost-effective solution? Can you give your auditor access?

This webinar also address solutions to:

* Data gaps or inaccurate /incomplete data: The required data is not available, solving this challenge often takes longer than anticipated.
* Complex use cases and transition approach: The business process is too complex, data is scattered among too many systems, and too many assumptions exist.
* Lack of clearly defined outputs: The reports / data to be disclosed are not clearly defined, little clarity on the ideal end result.

For more information, contact us: sales@cognitusconsulting.com

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